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What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is one of the most common male breast disorders. It can affect one or both breasts and is characterized by overdeveloped glandular tissue and localized fat on the chest, sometimes in addition to excess skin.

Gynecomastia can happen to men at any age and occurs for multiple reasons. Some of the reasons men experience gynecomastia include genetics, hormonal changes, obesity and weight loss, and the use of certain drugs.

The condition can often be debilitating and may wreak havoc on a man’s self-esteem and confidence. It’s common for men with gynecomastia to avoid dating, intimacy, and other activities such as exercising and going to the beach.

Gynecomastia surgery is a breast reduction technique that gets rid of excess glandular tissue, localized fat, and excess skin. The surgery can reshape the breasts to a smaller, natural-looking size and help men rebuild their confidence and self-image.

Patient Testimonials

  • “Dr. Aghayan and the staff at Apres Plastic Surgery have been amazing!”

    I am 7 weeks post abdominoplasty and I am loving the results. I can’t wait to to see my final transformation in 3 to 4 months which I only expect to get better! If you are considering any aesthetic surgery I highly recommend Dr. Aric Aghayan who is so easy to talk too and real world and his attentive staff will take great care of you. Make the call, you will love the results!

  • “Dr. Aric Aghayan and his team are the epitome of professionality and kindness.”

    If you don’t like something about yourself they can fix it. Either performed by himself or a recommendation in the right direction, Dr. Aghayan is the answer. Thank you for helping me improve self-confidence.

  • “The positive results of his work are inescapable — the cosmetic goals I was striving for were met and more”

    What made my experience with Dr. Aghayan so rewarding was not just his wildly competent and professional procedural skills as a plastic surgeon, but his addicting spirit of reassurance and strong bedside manner.  Many doctors have the intellectual capability to perform plastic surgery related procedures, Dr. Aghayan goes beyond this by his spirit of kindness and respect.

Benefits of Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia surgery comes with numerous benefits.

More Masculine Figure

Men with gynecomastia often struggle with self-image issues as the excess tissue, fat, and skin on their chests makes them feel less masculine. Gynecomastia surgery can help with this.

Easier Exercise

Exercise can be difficult for men with gynecomastia. Reducing the size of the breasts can improve workouts and help men be less self-conscious when going to the gym.

Improved Posture and Back Pain

Gynecomastia surgery can reduce excess weight on the chest, which can otherwise cause poor posture and back pain in men with this condition.

Improved Self-Confidence

Gynecomastia surgery can not only help men achieve a more masculine silhouette, but it can also significantly improve their self-esteem. If you struggle with gynecomastia, surgery can boost your confidence and relationships and improve your overall outlook on life.

Meet Dr. Aghayan

Board-certified plastic surgeon in Portland Dr. Aric Aghayan is proud to offer advanced cosmetic procedures and treatments for Portland area men and women at Après Plastic Surgery. Trained in general and plastic surgery at Oregon Health & Science University, Dr. Aghayan also spent years serving as a medical officer in the Navy. With years of experience and training, Dr. Aghayan performs plastic surgery with an artistic eye and scientific precision so his patients get beautiful, natural-looking results.

Ideal Candidates for Gynecomastia Surgery

The ideal candidate for gynecomastia surgery is at a stable, healthy weight but struggles with excess skin, tissue, and fat on the breasts. When larger breasts cannot be remedied through diet, exercise, or alternative medical treatments (such as the cessation of certain drugs), gynecomastia surgery becomes the only option.

Dr. Aghayan, Plastic Surgeon Portland will want to know that your breast development has stabilized before surgery, and it is also important that the patient has realistic expectations when it comes to cosmetic procedure outcomes.

Preparation for Gynecomastia Surgery

If you are looking for a solution to gynecomastia, start by booking a consultation appointment with Dr. Aghayan. This will give you a chance to describe your desired outcomes for surgery, and it will give Dr. Aghayan a chance to review your medical history and perform a short physical exam. Some blood draws and other tests may be required as well.

If surgery ends up being the best solution for you, Dr. Aghayan will have further instructions for you. These may include adjusting or stopping certain supplements or medications before surgery and stopping smoking and drinking as your surgery date nears.

Gynecomastia Procedure Details

Gynecomastia is typically an outpatient procedure, which means you’ll be able to go home on the same day as your surgery. How long your surgery will last will depend on multiple factors, including the degree of reduction, the chosen incision method, and the overall surgical technique — especially in regards to the positioning of the nipple and areola.

In general, gynecomastia surgeries that involve both the removal of excess glandular breast tissue and excess skin will follow these steps:

Administration of general anesthesia



Dr. Aghayan will decide on the placement of your incisions before surgery. Either an inverted-T or a vertical incision will be used, depending on the complexity of the surgery and the overall reduction requirements.


Once the incisions have been made, a thin hollow tube called a cannula will be inserted and used to agitate and loosen the fatty tissues beneath the skin. Excess tissue will then be suctioned and completely removed from the body.

Removal of excess skin

When excess skin is also present, this will be removed. The areola may also be reduced, and/or the nipple and areola may need to be repositioned.

Closure of the incision

Finally, the incisions will be carefully closed.

Risks & Complications

Gynecomastia surgery is a routine procedure. The vast majority of patients do not have issues with their recovery. Still, as with any surgery, there are some risks and complications that all patients should be aware of. These include:

  • Risks related to anesthesia
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Changes in breast or nipple sensation
  • Excessive accumulation of fluid
  • Infection
  • Pain that persists
  • Fat necrosis
  • Breast asymmetry
  • Irregularities in breast shape and contour
  • Blood clots
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Pulmonary and cardiac complications
  • Damage to blood vessels, nerves, lungs, muscles, or other deeper structures
  • Possible need for revision surgery
  • Poor wound healing
  • Poor scarring

Gynecomastia Recovery

Recovery from gynecomastia surgery generally takes about four to six weeks. During this time, it is critical that you follow the postoperative recovery instructions given to you by Dr. Aghayan.

Directly after surgery, you will be closely monitored in a recovery area before you are discharged. Be sure a trusted family member or friend is present to take you home. You will generally be released with a draining tube inserted near the incision area. This will help control bleeding and swelling. You will also need to wear a compression bra for at least the first few days after surgery as this will improve overall blood circulation in the area and support the contours of your new chest as it heals.

As the days pass, you will notice a reduction in swelling, bruising, and discomfort. Be sure to maintain your postoperative appointments with Dr. Aghayan, and follow his directions closely. It’s important to care for your incision sites carefully and contact our office immediately if you have any questions or concerns.

Gynecomastia Surgery Portland Cost

When it comes to gynecomastia surgery cost, it’s difficult to provide a concrete estimate that applies to everyone. Each patient will inevitably present with a unique situation and goals for surgery. And as such, every surgery will be different and come with a different cost.

With that said, we can provide a list of key factors to consider when looking at the cost of gynecomastia surgery in Portland.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) estimates the baseline cost of gynecomastia surgery to be around $4,200. This rounded figure is an average of the main cost of surgery. However, additional expenses will be added to this cost as well, including the cost of anesthesia, the surgical facility or hospital, and preoperative and postoperative expenses.

Surgeon experience

Portland Gynecomastia Surgery Cost
The best way to know how much your gynecomastia surgery will cost is to meet directly with a plastic surgeon for a consultation. If you decide to move forward, you should receive a cost estimate with an itemized list of all expenses.

Essentially, the overall cost of Portland gynecomastia surgery will be based on the following factors:

  • Anesthesiologist experience
  • Geographical location of the surgery
  • Extent of surgery
  • Whether additional procedures will be performed
  • Materials and equipment required
  • Preop costs (medical clearance tests, labs, etc.)
  • Aftercare costs (compression garments, medications, etc.)

Complementary Procedures

Gynecomastia surgery is often combined with procedures such as:


For men who are also hoping to reduce excess fat on other areas of their body, liposuction can help. Liposuction is often used during gynecomastia surgery (on the breasts) as well, so often, the two procedures can be combined.

Tummy Tuck

Especially when gynecomastia was the result of significant weight loss, a tummy tuck is often recommended as well to improve the contours of the abdomen. Tummy tucks tighten loose abdominal muscles and get rid of excess skin with minimal scarring.

Gynecomastia Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gynecomastia caused by?

There are multiple reasons why some men struggle with gynecomastia. It may be the result of taking specific drugs or having a hormonal imbalance, or it’s sometimes caused by weight gain and rapid loss. In these cases, the breast skin may have been stretched significantly during weight gain, but did not bounce back to its original shape and size after weight loss.

Can Gynecomastia go away with exercise?

If excess fat is present in the breasts, sometimes typical weight loss approaches (diet and exercise) can work to fix the issue. However, for an ideal outcome, an intervention such as gynecomastia surgery may be required. Likewise, when gynecomastia is caused by a hormonal imbalance, genetic issue, or certain drugs, surgical intervention is almost always required.

Is Gynecomastia surgery painful?

Because your surgery will be performed under general anesthesia, you will not feel any pain during the procedure itself. However, it is common to experience some soreness and discomfort after surgery, especially over the first few days. This will slowly dissipate with time.

Can Gynecomastia grow back after surgery?

While it is possible for breast tissue to return after gynecomastia surgery, it is not common. The best way to avoid any tissue or fat returning after surgery is to know the cause of your gynecomastia in the first place and to be certain breast development has stabilized before surgery. It’s also important to maintain a healthy weight after your procedure.

Will I have scars after Gynecomastia surgery?

Whenever a surgery involves incisions, it’s bound to result in at least some minimal scarring. The good news is that Dr. Aghayan is highly skilled at creating discreet incisions and minimizing the appearance of scars.

To help your scars fade as much as possible, you should also be careful to closely follow the postoperative instructions provided by Dr. Aghayan following your surgery.

How long does it take Gynecomastia scars to heal?

It can take as long as a year for gynecomastia scars to heal completely. Be sure to follow the postoperative instructions provided to you by Dr. Aghayan in order to maximize healing and scar fading.

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