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Mommy Makeover Portland, OR

What is a Mommy Makeover

The amazing experiences of pregnancy and childbirth are unlike any other for most women. Still, these life-changing events can cause major changes to a woman’s body. In this regard, it’s not uncommon for a woman to be left feeling discontent and frustrated with the ways her body has been altered after becoming a mom.

If you are a mother in this situation, you know that even with rigorous diet and exercise, it’s often impossible to get your pre-baby body back on your own. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was some other way to restore the more lifted, youthful appearance you had before having children? For many women, the answer is a mommy makeover. Mommy makeovers are customized surgeries that aim to shape and contour a woman’s body after she is done having children. The surgery itself generally includes multiple procedures for different parts of the body. Breast rejuvenation, liposuction, tummy tuck, and other body contouring procedures are the most common elements of a typical mommy makeover.

Mommy Makeover Portland

Patient Testimonials

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“The positive results of his work are inescapable — the cosmetic goals I was striving for were met and more”

"What made my experience with Dr. Aghayan so rewarding was not just his wildly competent and professional procedural skills as a plastic surgeon, but his addicting spirit of reassurance and strong bedside manner. Many doctors have the intellectual capability to perform plastic surgery related procedures, Dr. Aghayan goes beyond this by his spirit of kindness and respect."

“Dr. Aghayan and the staff at Apres Plastic Surgery have been amazing!”

"I am 7 weeks post abdominoplasty and I am loving the results. I can’t wait to to see my final transformation in 3 to 4 months which I only expect to get better! If you are considering any aesthetic surgery I highly recommend Dr. Aric Aghayan who is so easy to talk too and real world and his attentive staff will take great care of you. Make the call, you will love the results!"

“Dr. Aric Aghayan and his team are the epitome of professionality and kindness.”

"If you don’t like something about yourself they can fix it. Either performed by himself or a recommendation in the right direction, Dr. Aghayan is the answer. Thank you for helping me improve self-confidence."

Benefits of Mommy Makeover

For our patients in Portland mommy makeovers provide multiple benefits, the vast majority of which are extremely happy with their results. Depending on what areas you hope to improve with surgery, you may look forward to any of the following.

Improved Appearance of Breasts

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can stretch the breasts without adding volume. This often leads to post-baby breasts that sag and appear deflated. Whether you choose breast augmentation, a breast lift, or both, these procedures will lift and plump your breasts for a more youthful appearance.

Reduction of Hard-to-Reduce Fat

If stubborn fat is an issue on other parts of your body aside from the abdomen, liposuction and overall body contouring procedures can provide lasting improvements.

Flattened Abdomen

The combination of a tummy tuck and liposuction are best at reducing excess fat in the abdomen and getting rid of sagging skin. The results can yield a flatter, tighter tummy and sometimes, even the reduction of stretch marks.

Boosted Self-Confidence

Finally, the most amazing result of your mommy makeover surgery will undoubtedly be the renewed sense of confidence and self-esteem you achieve. While having children is certainly one of the most fulfilling experiences in life, it’s okay to lament the loss of your pre-baby body. A mommy makeover can give you back your youth and vitality and make you feel like yourself again.

Mommy Makeover Portland

Board-Certified Portland Plastic Surgeon

Meet Dr. Aghayan

Board-certified plastic surgeon in Portland Dr. Aric Aghayan is proud to offer advanced cosmetic procedures and treatments for Portland area men and women at Après Plastic Surgery.

Trained in general and plastic surgery at Oregon Health & Science University, Dr. Aghayan also spent years serving as a medical officer in the Navy. With years of experience and training, Dr. Aghayan performs plastic surgery with an artistic eye and scientific precision so his patients get beautiful, natural-looking results.

Meet Dr. Aghayan
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Surgery Preparation for Mommy Makeover

To prepare for a mommy makeover Portland patients should start by booking a consultation appointment with Dr. Aghayan. We recommend waiting until you have stopped breastfeeding for at least six months before booking your appointment. This will give your breasts time to return to their usual shape and size so that no further changes occur after surgery.

Dr. Aghayan will discuss your medical history with you and may recommend some lab tests and medical evaluations as well. Be sure to be honest with Dr. Aghayan about what it is you’re looking for in terms of results. Where are your trouble areas, and what would you like to improve? Once you’ve settled on your desired procedures and scheduled a date for the mommy makeover Portland plastic surgeon, Dr. Aghayan, may have additional instructions for you. For example, he may want you to stop or adjust any medications or supplements you are currently taking. Patients will also need to stop smoking and drinking at a certain point before surgery. Dr. Aghayan will provide you with specific instructions that are unique to you as your surgery date nears.

Mommy Makeover Portland

Ideal Candidates for Mommy Makeover

Ideal candidates for a mommy makeover are mothers who are through having children and have been done breastfeeding for at least six months.

It’s common for mommy makeover patients to seek fuller, more lifted breasts; a tighter, flatter tummy; and reduced fat in places like the abdomen and flanks (“love handles”). Contouring of the buttocks and other procedures such as labiaplasty may also be desired. As with any patient undergoing cosmetic surgery, it’s important that mommy makeover candidates have realistic expectations when it comes to their results. Patients should also be in good overall health and not have any pre-existing conditions that may hinder their ability to heal and recover well after surgery.

Mommy Makeover Portland

Mommy Makeover Procedure Details

Mommy makeovers are outpatient procedures performed under general anesthesia, but because of their complexity, you should plan for a daylong stay at the hospital before you’re able to return home.

The surgery itself can last anywhere from three to seven hours, depending on which procedures you’ve chosen to undergo and other factors. Because all mommy makeover surgeries are so different, there is not a set list of steps to be expected. Use the links below to read more about the surgical steps related to individual procedures:

  1. Breast Augmentation
  2. Breast Lift
  3. Tummy Tuck
  4. Liposuction
  5. Brazilian Butt Lift

Mommy Makeover Risks and Complications

The vast majority of patients who undergo mommy makeover surgeries do not have issues during recovery. These are extremely common procedures.

At the same time, as with any surgery, there are certain risks and complications that all patients should be aware of. Naturally, these risks will vary depending on which procedures you’ve chosen to undergo, so it’s important to discuss possible complications with Dr. Aghayan. Possible risks and complications include:

  • Risks related to anesthesia
  • Infection
  • Seromas
  • Hematomas
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Poor healing at incision sites
  • Poor scarring
  • Recurring skin looseness
  • Fat necrosis
  • Fat embolization
  • Excessive accumulation of fluid
  • Changes in breast or nipple sensation
  • Breastfeeding complications
  • Malposition of the implant
  • Wrinkles around the implant
  • Implant ruptures
  • Implant leakages
  • Capsular contracture
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Asymmetry issues
  • Pain that persists
  • Pulmonary or cardiac complications
  • Possible need for revision surgery
Mommy Makeover Portland

Mommy Makeover Recovery

Because mommy makeovers are complex procedures, the recovery period tends to be lengthier and more intense than it is with other single procedures. Generally speaking, you should expect to take about two weeks off work for your initial at-home recovery.

Be sure to schedule childcare if you require it as well. You won’t be able to lift heavy things, including children, directly after your surgery — usually for about six weeks. For the first few days, walking will be difficult, so it’s important to have some at-home care in place. Set up as much of it as possible before your surgery to help ease the transition. Dr. Aghayan will provide you with detailed at-home care instructions. Following these instructions will help progress your healing and mitigate swelling, pain, and scarring. You will likely be able to resume your normal daily activities after about two weeks, but expect to avoid exercise and other strenuous physical activities for approximately two months. Most patients find that total healing takes around six months.

Complementary Procedures

A Mommy Makeover is often combined with procedures such as:

Breast Rejuvenation

Most moms are interested in improving the appearance of their breasts, but every woman’s body is different, so varied approaches may be taken. Breast augmentation is essentially breast implant surgery, although a fat transfer process can be used as well. Breast augmentation is sometimes combined with a breast lift. The difference is that breast augmentation adds volume and fullness to the breasts, whereas a breast lift raises the breast tissue and nipple line to reduce drooping and sagging.


Liposuction can be used basically anywhere on the body to get rid of stubborn fat. It’s most commonly used on the abdomen, flanks, thighs, buttocks, and upper arms.

Tummy Tuck

The main goal of a Tummy Tuck is to get rid of excess skin on the abdomen. However, tummy tucks also rectify separated abdominal muscles for a tighter, flatter appearance.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian butt lift is a simple surgery that involves liposuction and fat transfer. Essentially, liposuction is used to remove unwanted fat from the abdomen or another target area, and that fat is then transferred to the buttocks to increase fullness and contouring.

Mommy Makeover Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in a mommy makeover?

All mommy makeover surgeries are different as they are catered to the individual. At your consultation appointment, you will discuss your goals for surgery with Dr. Aghayan. Tell him about any trouble areas you would like to improve, and be sure to bring pictures of your pre-baby body or photographs from magazines or the Internet if it helps to illustrate what you hope to achieve through surgery.

For most Portland mommy makeover patients, surgery will include at least one breast rejuvenation procedure. This may be a breast lift, breast augmentation, or a combination of the two. Generally speaking, surgery will also include a tummy tuck and/or liposuction, and in some cases, a Brazilian butt lift and/or labiaplasty will be included as well.

How many hours does a mommy makeover take?

This largely depends on which procedures you’ve chosen to undergo during surgery.

Most mommy makeover surgeries take between three and seven hours. However, it’s possible that your surgery may take longer if you have complicating factors. For example, tummy tucks tend to take longer if you’ve had a previous cesarean section, gallbladder removal, or other abdominal surgery.

How painful is a mommy makeover?

You should expect to have some pain and discomfort after your mommy makeover surgery. However, Dr. Aghayan will do his utmost to mitigate this. Furthermore, you will be given pain medication and other pain management instructions during your recovery.

For most mommy makeover patients, the worst discomfort is felt during the first three days after surgery. From then on, you can expect any uncomfortable sensations to reduce day by day.

What if I get pregnant after a mommy makeover?

While we don’t recommend having a mommy makeover until you’ve made the decision to be done having children, it’s important to remember that the surgery itself will not hinder your ability to conceive. If you do decide to have children after your mommy makeover or if you become pregnant unexpectedly, there are no inherent risks for yourself or your baby.

Rather, the core issue is that you may find your mommy makeover results do not last through pregnancy and breastfeeding. Furthermore, it’s possible that breastfeeding may be more difficult — although not necessarily impossible — after you’ve had breast rejuvenation surgery.

What questions should I ask before a mommy makeover?

This depends on your unique circumstances and what you hope to achieve from surgery. We encourage you to simply be honest. Spend some time before your consultation appointment thinking about the questions and concerns that naturally occur to you, then jot these down on a piece of paper, and take them with you to your appointment.

Can I get a mommy makeover if I still want to have more kids?

We don’t recommend that you start the mommy makeover process until you are sure you are done having children. The reason for this is that the biological processes and your changing body during pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding can end up hindering your results.

How do you prepare for a mommy makeover?

Preparation for a mommy makeover starts with preparing for your consultation appointment. Be sure to bring with you any medical records that may be pertinent to your surgery, as well as a list of any medicines you are currently taking. Be prepared to ask questions at your appointment, and don’t be afraid to be honest with Dr. Aghayan.

Once you’ve booked a surgery date, Portland plastic surgeon, Dr. Aghayan, may have additional preparatory instructions for you. You may be asked to stop or adjust certain supplements or medications, and you’ll want to stop smoking and drinking alcohol prior to your surgery as well.

How long does it take for a mommy makeover?

Total recovery from most mommy makeover procedures will take approximately six months. You should expect to start seeing results as the swelling goes down in the first few weeks of recovery.

Most daily activities can be resumed after two weeks. However, you should wait at least two months to return to more strenuous physical activities such as exercise.

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