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Breast Augmentation Portland, OR

What is Breast Augmentation?

Are you a candidate for Plastic Surgery?

Breast augmentation or sometimes called Boob job is a procedure that resizes the breasts for a larger and/or fuller appearance. This procedure is also often called augmentation mammoplasty or breast implant surgery, although not all breast augmentations involve implants.

For our patients in Portland breast augmentation can be performed for cosmetic reasons to improve appearance, but it can also be performed for reconstructive purposes. For example, women who have undergone a mastectomy for breast cancer may benefit from implants that restore the breasts.

Breast Augmentation Portland

Patient Testimonials

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“The positive results of his work are inescapable — the cosmetic goals I was striving for were met and more”

"What made my experience with Dr. Aghayan so rewarding was not just his wildly competent and professional procedural skills as a plastic surgeon, but his addicting spirit of reassurance and strong bedside manner. Many doctors have the intellectual capability to perform plastic surgery related procedures, Dr. Aghayan goes beyond this by his spirit of kindness and respect."

“Dr. Aghayan and the staff at Apres Plastic Surgery have been amazing!”

"I am 7 weeks post abdominoplasty and I am loving the results. I can’t wait to to see my final transformation in 3 to 4 months which I only expect to get better! If you are considering any aesthetic surgery I highly recommend Dr. Aric Aghayan who is so easy to talk too and real world and his attentive staff will take great care of you. Make the call, you will love the results!"

“Dr. Aric Aghayan and his team are the epitome of professionality and kindness.”

"If you don’t like something about yourself they can fix it. Either performed by himself or a recommendation in the right direction, Dr. Aghayan is the answer. Thank you for helping me improve self-confidence."

Types of Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation in Portland may be performed with implants or using a fat transfer technique.

Implants are made in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures, and profiles. When discussing breast augmentation Portland plastic surgeon, Dr. Aghayan, and you will decide on the type of implant that’s best for your body size, shape, and the results you wish to attain. Most implants are made of silicone or saline. There are also gummy bear implants, and certain candidates may be eligible for fat transfer augmentation.

The fat transfer breast augmentation process takes a minimal amount of unwanted fat from another area of the body such as the abdomen or flanks, and transfers it to the breasts. This method produces extremely natural results; however, it can only be used on patients who fit the criteria and is generally reserved for smaller augmentations.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation

With a breast augmentation Portland patients can benefit in many ways. Depending on your pain points and desired outcome, some may be more important to you than others.

Additional Volume

The primary goal of breast augmentation surgery is to add volume to the breasts. The procedure can also enhance your breasts’ overall shape and profile.

For any woman who feels she would benefit from larger breasts, this is the procedure you ideally want. Whether you’ve always wanted to have bigger breasts or you’ve become unhappy with the way time and gravity have caused your breasts to look smaller or less perky, implants or a fat transfer procedure may offer the ideal solution.

Breast Rebuilding After a Mastectomy

Women who have undergone a single or double mastectomy due to breast cancer can attest to the emotional challenges that a procedure like this presents. Many women report feeling like they are “less feminine” or “not themselves” when they lose one or both breasts.

While padded bras and other devices offer a short-term fix to this challenge, these solutions rarely address the core issue. Breast augmentation is often the only solution that can help breast cancer survivors feel like themselves again.

Boosted Confidence

Feeling unhappy with the shape and size of your breasts can lead to decreased self-confidence and low self-worth. While your breasts shouldn’t define you and it’s always important to have realistic expectations about any cosmetic surgery, breast augmentation has been known to greatly increase patients’ self-confidence. This boost allows many women to feel more comfortable in their own skin and far better prepared to face the world with self-assurance and poise.

Breast Restoration for Mothers

Pregnancy and breastfeeding often lead to breasts that sag and droop. While these life experiences are naturally worth the cosmetic consequences, many mothers would still like to restore their breasts to their original size and shape (or add additional volume) once they’re done having children.

Breast augmentation surgery can increase the size of “deflated” breasts, and especially when combined with a breast lift, can give you back the bounce and vitality you once had in your figure. For this reason, breast augmentation is often a key part of mommy makeovers.

Balance to Fix Naturally Asymmetrical Breasts

Slight asymmetry is to be expected in many women’s breasts. However, for some women, a more extreme imbalance may be noticeable. Often, this imbalance becomes particularly frustrating when women feel the need to wear one-padded bras and other specialty garments under their clothes. It’s also common to feel especially self-conscious when wearing a bathing suit or in intimate settings.

Breast augmentation is an ideal solution for evening out uneven breasts. By adding volume to the smaller breast, it’s easy to achieve comfortable symmetry.

Ideal Candidates for Breast Augementation

The decision to have breast enlargement surgery is personal. If you are contemplating this treatment, it is essential you do it for the right reasons.

To be a good candidate, you should be physically healthy with breasts that are developed. You must also be the appropriate age to get implants. If you are unhappy with the overall appearance of your chest because you feel your breasts appear lifeless, you could benefit from breast augmentation surgery. Moreover, if your breasts have changed due to weight loss or pregnancy, this surgical procedure can give them life with increased shape and fullness. It can also help if you lift weights or have an overall lack of natural breast mass.

Breast Augmentation Portland

Surgery Preparation for Breast Augmentation

Preparation for breast augmentation starts with booking a consultation appointment. During your consultation at Après Plastic Surgery in Portland, OR, you will have the benefit of our Crisalix 3D imaging software, which will allow you to visualize what specific implants will look like on you.

Breast Augmentation Portland

We Use Crysalix 3D Tecnology

Want to know exactly what you’ll look like after your breast augmentation? Years ago, the way we’d help women find their perfect implants was by simply having them put differently sized implants into their bra.

The patient would look at themselves in the mirror from different angles, try out various sizes and shapes, and hopefully find the one that best suited them. Today, however, there’s a better way. While physical “sizer” implants can still help with sizing, we also use a modern technology called Crisalix 3D Imaging.

What is Crisalix 3D Imaging?

Crisalix 3D Imaging is a computer software program that shows patients exactly what they’d look like with various physical changes. In the case of breast augmentation, it shows patients what they’d look like with different implants.

With this technology, we’ll first scan your body to produce a 3D image that can be represented on the computer. Using this image, we will then manipulate the volume and shape of your breasts on screen. You’ll be able to guide the changes, telling us what you like and don’t like. When you’ve reached the representation you are most happy with, we can use these results to identify the ideal breast implants for you. Once you and Dr. Aghayan have decided on the best implants for your body type, you’ll schedule your surgery. Portland plastic surgeon, Dr. Aghayan, will provide you with personalized instructions on how best to prepare for this day. Your instructions may include guidance to stop or change certain medications, for example. Every patient’s pre-surgery instructions will be different and will depend on their circumstances.

Breast Augmentation Portland

Board-Certified Portland Plastic Surgeon

Meet Dr. Aghayan

Board-certified plastic surgeon in Portland Dr. Aric Aghayan is proud to offer advanced cosmetic procedures and treatments for Portland area men and women at Après Plastic Surgery.

Trained in general and plastic surgery at Oregon Health & Science University, Dr. Aghayan also spent years serving as a medical officer in the Navy. With years of experience and training, Dr. Aghayan performs plastic surgery with an artistic eye and scientific precision so his patients get beautiful, natural-looking results.

Meet Dr. Aghayan
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Breast Augmentation Recovery

Once surgery is complete, all patients are taken to a recovery room to be carefully monitored and screened before they are released home. It is critical that you have someone trustworthy — a close friend or family member — who can take you home after surgery. Having help around the house for the first few days of your recovery is also highly recommended.

Swelling, bruising, and some pain and discomfort are to be expected after surgery. Soon, however, these symptoms will subside, and especially as the swelling goes down, you’ll begin to see what your augmentation results really look like. Generally speaking, most Portland breast augmentation patients are able to return to normal daily activities within the first week of recovery. It is, however, important to avoid physical exertion until Dr. Aghayan plastic surgeons gives you the okay. Most patients need to avoid exercise and other strenuous activities for at least a few months.

Breast Augmentation Portland
Breast Augmentation Portland

Breast Augmentation Procedure Details

Breast augmentation is an outpatient procedure, which means you’ll be able to go home on the same day of your surgery. In general (unless you are undergoing a fat transfer enhancement), all breast augmentations follow the same basic pattern during surgery:

  1. Administration of General AnesthesiaAll breast augmentation surgeries are performed under general anesthesia.
  2. Incisions Dr. Aghayan will decide on the placement of the necessary incisions prior to surgery.
  3. Implant placement This step may go one of two ways. Depending on several factors, Dr. Aghayan may either decide to place the implants under the pectoral muscle or behind the breast tissue and over the pectoral muscle.
  4. Closure of the incisions Finally, the incisions will be carefully secured with skin adhesives or sutures.

Risks & Complications

The vast majority of patients who undergo breast augmentation do not have issues with their recovery or implants. It is an extremely common procedure. Still, as with any surgery, there are some risks and complications that all patients should be aware of. These include:

  • Risks related to anesthesia
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Changes in breast or nipple sensation
  • Excessive accumulation of fluid
  • Infection
  • Hematomas
  • Capsular contracture
  • Scarring issues
  • Breast implant illness
  • Malposition of the implant
  • Wrinkles around the implant
  • Implant ruptures
  • Implant leakages
  • Pain that persists
  • Breast asymmetry
  • Possible need for revision surgery
  • BIA-ALCL (breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma)

Breast Augmentation Cost in Portland Oregon

The cost of breast augmentation can vary depending on various factors such as the surgeon’s experience, the location of the procedure, the type of implants used, and the complexity of the procedure. On average, the cost of breast augmentation in Portland Oregon ranges from $5,000 to $13,000. However, this does not include the additional costs associated with the procedure, such as anesthesia fees, facility fees, and other medical expenses.

Complementary Procedures

Breast augmentation is often combined with procedures such as:


Whereas breast augmentation adds volume and changes the overall size of the breasts, breast lifts only adjust the position of the breasts — essentially lifting them to a higher position that makes them appear less stretched out and loose.


Many women who desire enlarged or enhanced breasts also desire contouring on other parts of the body. The breasts can be further enhanced, for example, by slimming the upper arms or reducing stubborn excess fat on the abdomen or flanks. These results can be achieved through liposuction.


Mommy makeovers are designed to help mothers regain their pre-baby bodies and boost self-confidence. Each procedure is catered to the individual, but most mommy makeovers include some combination of breast augmentation and/or breast lift, liposuction, breast reduction and tummy tuck.

Breast Augmentation Frequently Asked Questions

What should I know before getting breast implants?

Be sure it’s the decision for you. The best way to do this is to book a consultation appointment and ask plenty of questions. Express your concerns and any fears you may have.

If you decide breast augmentation is right for you, have realistic expectations about your results. Your life will be different as you recover, and your results will take some getting used to. The vast majority of patients, however, are extremely happy with their decision to get breast augmentation surgery.

What is the most common size breast implant?

Implants are measured in cubic centimeters (abbreviated as “cc”). The higher the number of ccs, the larger the implant. The average breast implant size is around 350 cc. Between 300 cc and 500 cc is typical.

Do silicone breast implants feel different?

In most cases, breasts feel different after breast implant surgery. How different they feel will depend on whether you chose silicone or saline implants and what size and placement you decided upon. Generally speaking, silicone gel implants feel more natural than saline implants, and fat transfer augmentation will feel the most natural.

What are the pros and cons of breast augmentation?

The benefits of breast augmentation include an enhanced physical appearance, more comfort in your own skin, looking better in clothing, and boosted self-confidence. Breast augmentation results are also long-lasting.

On the flip side, as with any surgery, breast augmentation does require some downtime for recovery. There is also always the risk of complications during and after surgery, and rarely, some patients will be unhappy with their results and will choose to undergo breast implant removal or revision surgery.

How do I prepare for a breast augmentation consultation?

It’s important to take your time when preparing for your breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Aghayan. Come in ready with your essential health information, including any medications or supplements you are currently taking and a general outline of your medical history, including past or current surgeries, treatments, and illnesses.

You should also have some idea of what you want to achieve with breast augmentation. If you have pictures of your past self or others that you’d like to emulate, bring those with you. Many patients aren’t exactly sure what they want when it comes to surgery, and that’s okay too.

What should I do two weeks before breast augmentation?

It’s a good idea to prepare for your recovery during this time. Request the necessary time off from work or school. Arrange for childcare, if necessary.

Next, find a trustworthy friend or relative who can take you home from your surgery and possibly help you for a few days thereafter as well. You may also want to spend some time setting up your home for an easier recovery. Prepare and freeze some meals, buy some comfortable clothing, and stock up on some good books or movies to enjoy while you rest.

Will I have sensation in the breasts after the procedure?

While there may be numbness present directly following breast augmentation, the sensation in your breasts and nipples should return as you heal. Numbness can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

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