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Get A Curvy BBL: Hourglass Butt Augmentation

/ Dr. Aric Aghayan
Curvy backside

If you want a traditional hourglass figure but can’t make it happen through diet and exercise, top surgeon Dr. Aric Aghayan can help with a Brazilian butt lift (BBL). In this Brazilian butt lift procedure, fat is taken from another part of the body and injected into the buttocks to create a shaped butt.

Not only do you lose fat in the stomach, hips, or thighs in this win-win situation, you also gain a rounder, curvier butt shapes just where you want it.

A BBL surgery creates a great butt shape, without the use of butt implants. This means it takes a skilled and artistic eye to perform a Brazilian butt lift surgery. With years of experience and training, board certified plastic surgeon at Après Plastic Surgery Portland, OR, can give you the stunning results you want. A Brazilian butt lift helps you make use of fat you already have.

Are Brazilian butt lift safe?

If aging or weight loss has caused a flat or deflated backside, a Brazilian butt lift is one of the fastest-growing plastic surgeries in the U.S. for correcting this issue. Rest assured that a Brazilian butt lift is a safe and effective procedure when compared to alternatives such as silicone implants and other injections.

Using your own fat will not only help you retain a natural look v shape and feel, it also reduces the risk of infection or other complications.

Patients at a stable weight with extra body fat can opt for a BBL to improve the size and a shape of the buttocks. At your BBL consultation, we can help confirm whether you have enough fat for the removal and transfer process.

We will also help you decide which areas would be good targets for liposuction, such as the back, thighs, or stomach. It is important to have healthy skin laxity for this procedure, so if you have hanging skin, you may also benefit from butt lift surgery.

With the experienced plastic surgeon at Après Plastic Surgery we encourage BBL patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle after body contouring, as significant weight loss or gain could compromise your results. By the end of the process, you should notice a youthful, attractive a shape you will want to show off.

You will also notice the following additional benefits of plastic surgery:

  • Improved or restored volume in your backside
  • Better body proportion
  • Clothing looks and fits better
  • Greater satisfaction and confidence

Body Contouring Surgery for A Shaped Butt

Hourglass butt augmentation

For many years, butt enhancement could only be achieved through the use of silicone implants in the buttocks. Despite their popularity, many people choose not to place foreign materials in their bodies. With a Brazilian butt lift, we can increase the size and projection of your derrière using your own natural fat.

This outpatient procedure is completed with anesthesia, usually taking 2 – 3 hours based on the amount of fat being removed and transferred. While a small amount of the fat cells may be safely reabsorbed into your body, the majority of fat transfer cells should stay in the buttocks for years to come.

The plastic surgery begins when your practitioner at Après Plastic Surgery removes fat from the abdominal area, hips, or thighs through liposuction. The fat cells are then treated and purified in a closed system, preventing it from being exposed to open air.

We separate the usable fat from unusable fat, then take the healthy tissue and place it into a series of syringes. The fat is injected in layers followed by a gentle massage to make sure the results turn out evenly. We repeat the injection process until the desired effect has been attained.

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery recovery

After a period of observation, patients will be sent home to heal from their Brazilian butt lift body contouring surgery. Our staff will teach you about what is required during Brazilian butt lift recovery, including incision care from where the fat is removed as well as the buttocks area. We can provide prescription pain medication as well as advice about pain management.

Remember not to place unnecessary weight on the buttocks for a couple of weeks following your BBL. We may suggest getting a donut-shaped pillow or nursing pillow so you can sit down without placing pressure on your buttocks.

Final results will be seen once the swelling has gone down, typically in at least two weeks to 4 – 6 weeks. At a follow-up appointment with your doctor, you will be cleared to exercise again. After Brazilian butt lift recovery, you will notice a fuller and shapelier bottom while the areas v shaped butt that had liposuction will appear slimmer.

Questions and Answers

What is the best shape for a BBL Procedure?

While some BBL candidates aim for a heart-shaped bum, others with naturally heart-shaped butts choose the procedure to enhance their natural assets, often achieving the desired shape with an even more voluptuous result.

What is an hourglass BBL?

Hourglass BBLs are a specialized variant of the Brazilian Butt Lift, designed to accentuate body curves. It entails Liposuction to extract excess fat from undesirable regions and then transferring it to the buttocks and hips, crafting a refined, shapely figure and slim waist. Giving you that traditional hourglass silhouette.

Can you get a BBL Procedure at 300 pounds?

In most cases, individuals weighing 300 pounds are not suitable candidates for a BBL, and it’s unlikely they will ever become ideal or even suitable candidates for this surgery.

What does a BBL Procedure look like after 10 years?

With a BBL after 10 years your buttocks should retain the same perky and curvaceous appearance as right after the surgery. With minimal weight fluctuations, you may even notice BBL lasting well beyond the ten-year mark.

Enhance your bottom with a Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

Are you unhappy with the overall shape of your butt?  Brazilian butt lifts offer patients a full transformation by pulling fat from fuller areas of the body. By putting that fat to good use, you can leave our facility with desirable curves and a firmer contour and be one more of our happy BBL patients.

Not only that, a BBL can be accomplished in just a few hours at Après Plastic Surgery. If you are ready to get the butt shape and figure you desire, schedule a consultation at our facility in Portland, OR, today.

Embrace Your Evolution

Enjoy the pinnacle of cosmetic surgery expertise with board-certified Portland Plastic Surgeon Dr. Aric Aghayan at Après Plastic Surgery. With a legacy of over 1600 successful body contouring procedures, Dr. Aghayan stands as the foremost specialist in advanced body contouring technology and treatment options. Take the next big step on your beauty journey by scheduling a comprehensive plastic surgery consultation with Dr. Aghayan today.

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