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How to Achieve Younger-Looking Skin with Wrinkle Relaxers

/ Dr. Aric Aghayan
Achieve Younger-Looking Skin with Wrinkle Relaxers  Portland

The first noticeable signs of aging are fine lines and wrinkles on the face, forehead, and around the eyes. At first, they are only visible when we make different facial expressions. As we age, however, these lines can become more prominent. If you are bothered by dynamic facial lines, consider a wrinkle relaxer treatment at Après Plastic Surgery. Facial injectables such as BOTOX® and Dysport® can take care of the most common signs of aging, such as Crow’s feet, frown lines, and lines around the mouth. Though nonsurgical, these wrinkle relaxers can help you look years younger. Patients in the Lake Oswego, Beaverton, and Portland, OR, areas can speak with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons about addressing mild to moderate expression lines.

Choosing Dysport or BOTOX for your face 

Lines naturally form on our faces as a result of making expressions such as laughing, frowning, and squinting. Collagen allows the skin to bounce back by erasing these lines. As we age, collagen production begins to slow down, making it more difficult for the skin to smooth out. This is where wrinkle relaxers such as Dysport and BOTOX come in. They work by temporarily paralyzing the facial muscles, reducing the overall appearance of these lines.

Après Plastic Surgery is pleased to offer Dysport and BOTOX for your face. While both brands are essentially type A botulinum toxins, their protein content is different. This leads to some variations in terms of how much of the injection is needed and where it is placed. Our staff believes it is also important to consider who is administering the injection. Before making a decision, we first learn about your skin goals and concerns.

If you are wondering if nonsurgical wrinkle reduction is right for you, Dysport and BOTOX each come with their own list of pros and cons. Après Plastic Surgery helps patients discover a custom solution during a private consultation. For example, younger individuals may be looking for a preventive anti-aging procedure, while people over the age of 50 may want recommendations for more dramatic results. When this is the case, the team members at Après Plastic Surgery may suggest combining injections with facelift surgery, a brow lift, or eyelid surgery.

Finding the right injector

Facial lines can appear early on based on our genetics and lifestyle. Millions of people choose Dysport and BOTOX injections each year as a means of nonsurgical wrinkle reduction. Though injections are relatively safe, too much of the product or poorly placed injections may produce unwanted results. This is why it is important to find the right professional to administer Dysport and BOTOX facial injectables. When used correctly, they can decrease the appearance of wrinkles, prevent new ones from forming, and create an overall softer and more youthful look. During your consultation, a member of our team will do the following:

  • Review your general medical history
  • Assess your skin and problem areas
  • Evaluate your overall skin condition
  • Discuss the benefits and risks of treatment
  • Develop a personalized treatment plan

Nonsurgical wrinkle reduction 

Wrinkle relaxers are given in one of our comfortable treatment rooms soon after your consultation. While injections cause minimal discomfort, we can use a local anesthetic or numbing cream when requested by patients. If it is your first time visiting our office in Portland, you will be asked to make some facial expressions such as frowning or squinting so we know where to best place the injections. After choosing Dysport or BOTOX for your face, we will administer the product through a very fine needle, followed by a cold compress to reduce any bruising and swelling that may occur. Treatments take around 10 – 15 minutes and you can return to your day as usual with no recovery period.

Any side effects from treatment should dissipate within 1 – 3 days at home. In the meantime, we suggest sleeping upright the first night after your appointment to ease any discomfort or swelling you may feel. Avoid strenuous exercise and pressing down on the injection sites for the rest of the day to prevent the treatment from spreading to other areas of the face. Your results should last about 3 – 4 months before requiring a follow-up appointment with our friendly team. Since results will vary from patient to patient, speak with your injector about how often you should maintain your Dysport and BOTOX results.

Schedule your consultation today

Though aging is a process that doesn’t stop, there are steps we can take to slow it down. At Après Plastic Surgery, it is our desire to give patients the youthful appearance they want through the use of wrinkle relaxer injections and other facial injectables. If you are looking to rejuvenate your appearance but are not interested in surgery, Dysport and BOTOX may be the solution for you. Après Plastic Surgery can meet your aesthetic goals by creating a personalized anti-aging plan in Portland, OR. Contact our team today to schedule your personalized consultation.

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