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Lipo and BBL the Dual Procedure

/ Dr. Aric Aghayan

You work out and eat a healthy diet, but you still have fat on your belly. And no matter how many squats you do, your butt just doesn’t have the shape you want.

If you are close to your goal weight but want to take your appearance up a notch, you may want to consider a Portland liposuction and a Portland Brazilian butt lift (BBL) in one procedure. Lipo and BBL together can give you the shape you’ve been dreaming of!

Below is more information about why lipo and BBL together have become so popular.

BBL Overview

Many women don’t have the shape in their rear that they want. But with a Brazilian butt lift involving liposuction and fat grafting, you can augment your rear naturally without implants.

In a BBL, your surgeon uses liposuction to remove fat from a problem area, such as the abdomen. Then, the fat is washed and processed, then injected into the buttocks. This dual procedure can slim your body and enhance your rear, so it’s a win-win.

Many women want a BBL and liposuction. These are the most common reasons:

  • Balancing the proportions of your upper and lower body
  • Getting that highly desirable hourglass shape
  • A desire for a slim figure as well as butt augmentation without implants
  • Improving the way clothes fit
  • Reducing fat in the abdomen, flanks, and legs
  • Filling in areas with cellulite

The lipo and BBL procedures are usually done outpatient, and general or IV sedation is used.

Some fat may not survive when fat is removed from the donor site and injected into the buttocks. That’s why your surgeon will overfill your rear by 20% or 30%, based on your goals and anatomy. But you can be assured that your rear will look the way you want after you recover.

Recovering From Lipo and BBL

Liposuction and a Brazilian butt lift are not as invasive as other procedures, but there is still a significant recovery period.

Pain from lipo and BBL is usually mild and easy to control with a prescription or over-the-counter pain medication.

However, you will have some soreness and discomfort in the rear and the fat donation site. Also, you cannot sit or lie directly on your butt for at least two weeks. This is because sitting on your rear can deform the transferred fat.

You need to sleep on your side or belly during this critical period. Then, when you are read, your surgeon will let you know when you can sit on a donut seat. Or, you may put a pillow under the thighs, so you don’t put pressure on your rear.

You will need to wait until about week 8 until you can sit again.

After a week, most patients can go back to light activities, such as walking and returning to work in about two weeks.


A successful BBL depends on enough fat stores available in other parts of the body for liposuction. Therefore, liposuction and BBL may not work for you if you are very thin. The other option to consider is for rear enhancement implants.

Also, the best candidates for liposuction and BBL are those who want to stay at about the same weight. Gaining or losing weight after lipo and BBL may lead to changes in appearance that you don’t want.

Other criteria for a successful lipo and BBL:

  • Having elastic skin tone in the buttocks and hips
  • Being at a healthy weight
  • Having extra fat stores in the abdomen or legs
  • Are willing not to sit on the buttocks for about two weeks
  • Have realistic goals and expectations

Surgical Methods

Tumescent liposuction is the most popular option fat harvesting site for your BBL. Your surgeon will first inject lidocaine and epinephrine into the donor site to reduce swelling and bleeding. Then the fat and fluid are extracted.

After washing and processing, the fat is injected into the buttocks.

The BBL technique your surgeon uses may vary according to the type of fat processing, buttock incision sites, and how and where fat is placed. For example, your surgeon may inject the fat subcutaneously or intramuscularly.

To avoid a pulmonary fat embolism, your board-certified plastic surgeon will follow these guidelines:

  • Not injecting into the deep muscle, which can cause serious complications
  • Using a one-hole injection cannula that is more than 4.1 mm in diameter
  • Not using a downward angle when injecting fat into the rear
  • Only injecting when the cannula is moving

Life After Lipo and BBL

Your procedures are intended to last for many years. Fat removed from the donor site will not grow back. And the fat that is transferred to the butt will remain there for 10 years or more.

But remember that gaining or losing a lot of weight will affect your BBL and liposuction results. Thus, it’s essential to maintain a stable weight after your procedures.

After your liposuction and BBL, there will be considerable swelling and bruising. But after a few weeks, most swelling will fade. Final results can usually be seen after six months.

By this time, you will notice your slimmer profile and curvier rear, and you should fit in your clothes better than ever.

Having liposuction and BBL surgery together is an excellent way to get the curves and shape you want. Also, think about having a Portland Breast Augmentation, Portland tummy tuck or Portland thigh lift for even more spectacular results!

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