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Top Men’s Plastic Surgery Treatments

/ Dr. Aric Aghayan

Women are often thought of as those most likely to have plastic surgery. But more men today than ever are considering cosmetic procedures to give their bodies a new, more youthful appearance. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports there were 1.2 million plastic surgery procedures done on men; this is three times higher than in the late 1990s.

If you’re a man considering plastic surgery, below are some of the trending procedures.

Why Do Men Want Plastic Surgery?

There are many reasons men want plastic surgery. Here are a few of them:

More Workplace Competition

American society has shifted from the idea of staying in a job that just pays your bills into more of a ‘follow your passion’ mentality. With this change, there is more competition for good jobs; more companies are looking less for experience and more for youth and a new outlook.

Experience will always be valuable, but many older men want to refresh their appearance to keep up with the younger competition at work. For some men, this might be the moment to have dermal fillers or Botox, while others may opt for eyelid surgery or a facelift.

Whichever you select, your surgeon can help you to look younger and rejuvenated without looking like you had work done.

Less Time To Stay Physically Fit

In today’s busy world, there is a focus to work smarter, not harder. This can apply at work, but many employers expect long hours. With the time demands at work and packed personal lives, men may not have as much time to maintain their appearance at the gym.

Sitting at a desk for hours and lack of exercise can leave you with that soft, chubby look that so many men don’t want. If you don’t want extra fat that doesn’t respond to diet and exercise, liposuction is often the answer.

Liposuction is one of the most popular options for men and accounts for up to 25% of all procedures on men. Liposuction requires a few days of downtime, but most men like the results.

Social Media

Social media puts pressure on men to be not just themselves but their brand. It’s not surprising that so many men consider plastic surgery. Everywhere you go these days, there seems to be a smartphone and camera that can picture you and get posted on social media.

Everyone can be critical of how they look in pictures, and no one wants to miss out on photos at a wedding, party, or graduation. But if you don’t like how you look, you might want to stay away from the camera at critical moments.

But there are many cosmetic procedures you can choose today to make you ready for those spontaneous moments, from a neck lift to brow lift to facelift.

Top Plastic Surgery Procedures For Men

Below are the plastic surgery procedures most requested by men:

Eyelid Lift

Just as women age around the eyes, so do men. As we age, the skin above and below the yes can loosen, and brows can hang over your upper eyelids. Plus, bulging fat under the eyelids can make you look tired and old. This can cause friends and family to ask if you’re tired or don’t feel well.

But upper and lower eyelid surgery can make you look younger and fresher with little downtime. The lower lids can be improved by removing the extra fat and putting it over your cheeks to cover the tear trough.

With additional muscle and skin tightening, an eyelid lift can give you a vibrant, fresh appearance. This younger look can help you socially and professionally.

Neck Lift

If you ever look in the mirror and see a turkey neck, you might wonder what’s going on. It could be harder to buy dress shirts because your neck skin hangs over the collar. Or, perhaps you look heavier in the face, but you haven’t gained weight.

A neck lift can be just what you need. When you have hanging skin on your neck that covers your jawline, it can make you look old and heavier than you are.

A neck lift can be a fantastic tool to make you look better and much younger. This is a relatively simple procedure for a skilled plastic surgeon and can be done on an outpatient basis with only about two weeks of downtime.


Liposuction is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures, but men often want it for different reasons than women. Men often want liposuction to provide a more masculine profile instead of just looking thinner.

Plus, men want to get rid of that soft belly and love handles. And they desire a masculine, muscular appearance that makes them look young and fit.

Tumescent liposuction is the most popular form of this procedure today. Your surgeon first injects lidocaine and epinephrine into the fatty area to reduce swelling and bleeding. Then, the solution and fat are sucked out with a cannula.


Gynecomastia is the scientific name for male breast reduction surgery. Some men have large breasts genetically that give them a feminine appearance. This procedure removes the extra fat with liposuction to provide the chest with a more masculine profile.

This is a genetic condition in some men; around 25% have the issue by age 50.

Some men also have this procedure to enhance their chest muscles.

Note: A side effect of taking steroids can be the growth of male breasts. This procedure will not help that problem. Gynecomastia is intended for men who have the problem due to their genetics.


If a man is unhappy with the way his nose or face looks, your surgeon can do a facial analysis. If you think the nose is too big, the issue could also be with the lower face. Some men will end up having a nose job and chin augmentation to give the face perfect balance.

A good nose job requires great skill and finesse and a deep understanding of the many parts of the nose. The key for male rhinoplasty is to provide the ideal shape without making it feminine. Most men can recover from this surgery in about a week.

Dermal Fillers

Some men don’t want surgery but still want to have their faces look younger and smoother. Dermal fillers and Botox can fit the bill. Both can smooth wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes, nose, and mouth. Dermal fillers also can increase the volume of hollow cheeks.

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