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What Are the Most Popular Breast Implants?

/ Dr. Aric Aghayan
Most popular breast implant

If you are considering breast augmentation or a breast lift, you may wonder about the most popular breast implants. Breast implants have come a long way in recent years and the best breast implants are safer and more natural-looking than ever.

Below is more information about the different types of breast implants and which breast implant brands are most popular.

Saline Implants

Saline implants contain sterile saltwater, so if the saline implant leaks, the saline will be absorbed into the body with no ill effects.

Saline implants aren’t as popular as they once were, but some surgeons and patients prefer them for their uniform firmness, feel, and shape. These implants feel firmer than silicone implants, with some saying they don’t feel as natural.

Recently, the structured saline breast implant was introduced. It is filled with the same sterile saltwater but contains an interior structure that intends to make the breast implant feel more natural.

Silicone implants

Silicone breast implants contain silicone gel that feels more like natural breast tissue than saline. If this implant leaks, the gel usually stays within the implant shell, but it might escape into the implant pocket. In this situation, you will need breast revision surgery.

However, a ruptured silicone implant should not have any ill effects on your body. If you decide on silicone implants, you will need to go back to your plastic surgeon every year or two to ensure that they are working properly.

It’s recommended to have an MRI every three years to check the condition of the saline and silicone implants.

Gummy Bear Implants

High profile implants

A newer type of silicone implant is gummy bear implants that keep their shape even if the silicone shell is broken or damaged.

The gel’s consistency inside the implant is thicker than other silicone implants. These types of implants are also firmer than other types.

Also, shaped gummy bear implants feature more projection at the bottom and taper towards the top. If the implant rotates in the breast pocket, it can cause an unusual appearance that requires revision surgery.

Placing these implants takes a longer incision than other implants, so you may have a slightly longer scar. But over time, the scars will be almost invisible as they are usually under the breast.

Round breast implants make the breasts look fuller than traditional form-stable implants. In addition, there are higher profile options with these products that can give you more projection.

Round implants are the same shape over the entire implant, so it’s less likely to rotate and move out of place.

Smooth Breast Implants

Smooth breast implants have the softest feel of all of the mentioned options. In addition, they can move in the breast pocket so they may feel more natural. However, some smooth implants can suffer from rippling under the skin, and revision surgery may be needed to correct it.

How To Choose Breast Implants

We’ve covered the basic types of breast implants, so how do you choose? Below are considerations to think about before you talk to your plastic surgeon about having saline implants or silicone breast implants:

Volume And Diameter

The size of the breast implant manufacturers make is the most crucial choice as far as how it will change your appearance. Unfortunately, many women find this to be the most difficult decision during the breast augmentation process. However, when you think about the size you want, it’s a significant decision, so it’s essential to think it through carefully.

Note that breast implant sizes are different from bra cup sizes. Breast implants are measured in volume, usually in cubic centimeters. Therefore, the more cc’s your implants have, the larger they are, and the more they will project from the chest.

How much the implant projects also is affected by the diameter; this is the width of the breast implant at the widest point. For example, consider two implants with a size of 425 ccs with different diameters. They have identical volumes, but they will have different shapes.

The breast implants with a wider diameter will project less and be flatter than those with a narrower diameter.

Teardrop Or Round

You can choose breast implants that are teardrop-shaped or round. Round breast implants are symmetrical in shape, so the breast has the same amount of fullness all the way around. The teardrop-shaped implant has more volume in the lower part, which provides more fullness to the breast below the nipple.

A teardrop-shaped implant looks more natural, while round implants are fuller on top with more projection. As a result, round implants don’t look natural, but they provide the fullness that some women prefer.

Moderate Or High Profile

The type of implant or profile affects how full the breasts look, but not in the same way as shape or volume. Implants with a moderate profile appear flatter, and high-profile implants are higher and rounder. If you choose high-profile implants, your breasts will project more than if you get moderate-profile implants.

There are many types, sizes, and shapes of breast implants to consider, so it can seem overwhelming at first. But don’t worry: Your board-certified plastic surgeon is experienced in these procedures and types of implants, and he or she can give you their recommendation based on your anatomy and long-term goals.

Questions and Answers

What breast implant is most popular?

Saline implants are composed of silicone shells filled with sterile saline solution, making up 44% of breast implant choices due to their popularity. These implants are renowned for their distinctive round shape.

What is the most popular breast implant company?

Popular implants

Allergan, the leading producer of breast implants, also manufactures a variety of injectables like BOTOX and Juvéderm, along with an extensive range of non-aesthetic medical devices and their skincare line, SkinMedica.

What is the #1 breast implant brand?

Natrelle® stands out as the most extensive breast cancer collection. Allergan’s Natrelle® breast implant portfolio boasts five different silhouettes, ranging from low to extra-full projection, and offers both silicone and saline options.

What is the most modern breast implant?

Numerous silicone breast implant options exist, with the latest being adhesive silicone gel implants, often referred to as ‘gummy bear’ breast implants. These implants are filled with silicone gel, replicating the natural breast feel, and offer additional advantages.

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