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What Are the Pros and Cons of Breast Augmentation?

/ Dr. Aric Aghayan
Pros and cons of breast implants

Breast augmentation, like anything else worth pursuing in life, has its advantages and disadvantages. If you are contemplating this procedure, you may be curious about its specific benefits and drawbacks.

To assist you in making an informed decision, we have compiled the top four benefits and top four drawbacks below. By familiarizing yourself with these, you can gain a better understanding of what breast augmentation entails.

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Pros and Cons of Breast Augmentation

Let’s take a look at the top pros and cons of breast implants.

Breast augmentation pros and cons

Pro: Individualized Enhancement

There’s a big difference between wearing a padded bra and undergoing breast augmentation surgery — and it’s not just the fact that augmentation is permanent.

When you opt for breast augmentation, you will receive implants that are catered to your unique frame and silhouette. Dr. Aghayan will measure and assess your anatomy, taking into account your size, style, and personal aesthetic goals.

He’ll then help you choose implants that flatter your body specifically, while helping you achieve the exact figure you’ve always wanted.

Con: Potential Leaks

While leaks are rare when it comes to implants, they can occur. Most of the time, breast implant leaks are related to a specific situation such as a car accident or another acute trauma.

With saline implants, you’ll fortunately know right away if you’ve had a leak because your implants will “deflate” immediately. If just one implant has a leak, one side of your chest will be noticeably smaller than the other. Your body will simply absorb the excess saline, and you’ll need to make an appointment to have the implant removed and replaced.

With silicone breast implants, things are a bit different. It can be tough to notice a leak. When one does happen, you’ll also have to get the silicone gel implants removed and replaced and get checked for breast implant illness, and this procedure will need to be performed as soon as possible.

Pro: Better-Fitting Clothes

Most breast augmentation surgery patients look forward to wearing clothes that flatter their new figure. Some patients who undergo this surgery have always wanted bigger boobs. Perhaps they went through their teens and twenties wearing padded bras and being self-conscious about how small their chest was.

Even when this is not the case, women usually cite better-fitting clothes as one of the top things they look forward to after surgery. There’s no need for specialty bras, and patients will look just as good without clothing as they do in bathing suits, blouses, dresses, and more.

Con: Price tag

To be sure, cosmetic surgery is not inexpensive. That’s why the cost of breast augmentation is often cited as one of the biggest drawbacks. Patients should expect to pay at least $5,000 for this surgery, though the total breast augmentation cost is often more than this.

Patients will need to pay for the implants themselves as well as for the surgeon and the surgeon’s patient care (surgeon’s fee). They’ll also need to pay for the anesthetic, other medications, and the anesthesiologist’s patient care. Finally, they’ll need to pay for their consultation appointment and for the surgical facility, along with any additional recovery fees.

With all of that said, many women are still surprised to find that breast augmentation does not cost as much as they initially thought. Sometimes, it’s simply a matter of booking that consultation appointment to actually see the price you’ll be expected to pay. Then, you can decide if the surgery is right for you and your budget at the time, or not.

Pro: Improved Self-Confidence

One of the top benefits of breast augmentation is surely improved self-confidence. Overwhelmingly, patients are happy with their decision to get breast augmentation. It’s usually something that the patient has desired for a long time — sometimes years. And when they finally decide to go through with it, they feel a boost of self-esteem and confidence that they never knew was possible.

Con: Potential Loss of Sensation

In rare situations, permanent loss of sensation in the nipples and/or entire breasts is possible.

In fact, when loss of sensation, numbness, or any changed sensitivity does occur, it is far more likely for it to happen right away after surgery and for the loss of sensitivity to be temporary.

Numbness is usually caused by the size, placement, or positioning of the implant. As the swelling goes down and the implant is able to settle into position, sensitivity usually returns and numbness disappears.

Pro: Reversibility

In some cases, patients may decide that they no longer want their implants. The great thing about this surgery, however, is that this is fine! Implants can always be removed down the line.

So, if you’re still on the fence about whether breast implants are right for you, remember: You can always decide afterward to have them removed. In this way, this procedure is both permanent and non permanent.

Con: Regular Imaging Tests 

Finally, one of the main drawbacks of opting for silicone implants is that you’ll need to get an imaging test such as an MRI at least once every few years. This test will look for any leaks or problems with your implants so that they can be caught as soon as possible (remember that silicone implants are harder to detect leaks in).

While the test should not be painful and is mostly just time-consuming, it can also be inconvenient and rather annoying. Still, it is a crucial part of ensuring that your breast implants remain leak-free.

Questions and Answers

What are the disadvantages of breast implants?

  1. Breast implants, like any medical procedure, carry some risks and potential disadvantages. Some of the common disadvantages of breast implants include:
  2. Complications during surgery: Breast implant surgery is a major procedure and carries some risks of complications such as bleeding, infection, and adverse reactions to anesthesia.
  3. Capsular contracture: This is a condition where the body’s immune system reacts to the implant by forming a hard capsule of scar tissue around it. This can cause pain, discomfort, and a distorted appearance of the breast.
  4. Implant rupture or leakage: Implants can rupture or leak, which can cause discomfort, asymmetry, or changes in breast shape or size.
  5. Changes in nipple or breast sensation: Breast implant surgery can cause changes in nipple or breast sensation, including numbness or hypersensitivity.
  6. Need for future surgeries: Breast implants are not permanent devices and may need to be replaced or removed in the future, which can involve additional surgeries and risks.
  7. Interference with mammography: Breast implants can make it more difficult to detect breast cancer on mammography, potentially delaying diagnosis and treatment.
  8. Emotional effects: Breast implant surgery can have emotional effects, such as anxiety or depression, especially if the patient is unhappy with the results or experiences complications.

It’s essential to thoroughly discuss the potential risks and disadvantages with a qualified plastic surgeons before deciding on breast implant surgery.

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