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What Does a Mommy Makeover Cost?

/ Dr. Aric Aghayan
Average Cost Of Mommy Makeover

Mommy makeover cost can be particularly difficult to estimate because it includes various procedures based on the patient’s needs and desires. This means that every mommy makeover surgery will be different, and thus, result in a different cost.

One patient may only want to focus on slightly lifting her breasts and getting rid of excess fat on her abdomen and thighs. In this case, a breast lift and liposuction would likely be recommended.

Yet, another patient might want to both lift and add volume to her breasts while also removing excess fat from her abdomen and thighs, flattening and tightening her abdomen, and removing loose abdominal skin at the same time. A surgery like this would necessitate a breast lift with implants, liposuction, and a tummy tuck.

The truth is, there are all sorts of mommy makeover combinations that can be achieved with the right planning and preparation, and the costs of these various combinations can vary widely.

How Much Does Mommy Makeover Cost?

The average cost of mommy makeover surgery is around $20,000 or more, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). Still, as stated above, the cost of mommy makeover surgery is one of the hardest to estimate.

Let’s take a look at all of the factors that must be considered when determining the ultimate cost of your surgery:

  • Geographic location. Regional cost variations in healthcare.
  • Procedure selection. The specific combination of surgeries chosen.
  • Surgeon’s fee. The experience and reputation of your plastic surgeon may change his or her fees.
  • Facility fees. Costs associated with the operating room and surgical facility.
  • Anesthesia fees. The price of anesthesia during mommy makeover surgery.
  • Medical tests. Pre-operative tests and assessments required for your surgical procedure.
  • Postoperative care. Follow-up appointments and expenses necessary during the post surgery period (such as a compression garment and other post surgery garments).
  • Surgical equipment. Specialized tools and technology required for the procedure.
  • Additional procedures. Any extra treatments or adjustments that require other costs.

Will Insurance Cover Mommy Makeovers?

Cost Of Mommy Makeover

No. Overall, your mommy makeover surgery cost is unlikely to be covered by insurance. Perhaps in rare cases, a portion of your procedure may be covered (breast augmentation after a cancer-related mastectomy, for example). But even this would be subject to review by your insurance provider.

For the most part, mommy makeovers will always be considered elective, non-medically necessary procedures. Health insurance does not cover these types of procedures.

How to Pay for Mommy Makeover Surgery

Women who’ve experienced the wonders of motherhood may still find themselves wishing to regain their pre baby bodies. Typically rooted in a quest for self confidence and self assurance, this desire is entirely valid. However, the cost of mommy makeover surgery can be a significant consideration, especially when managing family finances.

Fortunately, there are various options available to help make your mommy makeover financially possible.

#1 – Medical Credit Companies

Some credit companies, such as CareCredit, PatientFi, and ALPHAEON Credit, provide medical credit lines catering to healthcare expenses, including elective surgeries. These options often come with promotional periods of zero interest if you pay the balance within a specified timeframe.

#2 – Credit Cards

Plastic surgery practices will often accept credit cards for elective surgery payment. Just try to find a card with a good interest rate — possibly even 0% — so you can limit the amount of interest you have to pay.

#3 – Personal Savings

For some, tapping into a personal savings may be a viable option. This approach allows you to avoid interest charges and monthly payments. But it’s crucial to ensure you have enough funds earmarked for both the surgery and any unexpected expenses. Even if you can only contribute some of your own funds to the cost of a mommy makeover, you can at least lessen the amount of interest you have to pay.

Discuss Your Budget With Your Surgeon

Mommy Makeover Surgery Cost

Remember that your plastic surgeon wants you to have the plastic surgery you want. As long as you are a good candidate and have realistic expectations, he or she will work with you to figure out how much your mommy makeover costs and how you can pay for it.

In some cases, if the cost estimate is too high to begin with, you may need to pare down what you want in terms of plastic surgery and choose just one or two procedures that are at the top of your list. If you’ve always wanted breast augmentation, for example, but a BBL (Brazilian butt lift) isn’t a priority, you might ask your surgeon “how much does a mommy makeover with a breast augmentation but no BBL cost?”.

Don’t be afraid to tell your surgeon your budget. This is the best way to figure out the right procedure combination and final cost for you. A good board certified plastic surgeon will work with you.

Q&A: Mommy Makeover Surgery

Can only women get mommy makeovers?

Mommy makeovers are not exclusive to women. While they are commonly associated with women who have gone through pregnancy, men can also undergo similar procedures to address their specific concerns.

How much weight does a mommy makeover take off?

The amount of weight taken off during a mommy makeover varies widely and is not the primary purpose of the procedure. Instead, the goal of a mommy makeove is to address post-pregnancy changes like sagging skin and muscle separation rather than significant weight loss.

What is the best age for mommy makeover?

There isn’t a specific “best” age in order to see ideal mommy makeover results, as it depends on an individual’s needs and goals. Many women opt for it after they are done having children. But it can be considered at any age if the patient is a suitable candidate.

What Is Typically Included in a Mommy Makeover?

Most mommy makeovers will include a combination of the following cosmetic surgery procedures. Naturally, the cost of a mommy makeover will change based on the procedures you choose.

  • Breast augmentation: Increasing the volume of the breasts with breast implants.
  • Breast lift surgery (mastopexy): Lifting the breasts and creating a more youthful profile.
  • Liposuction: Body contouring surgery removing stubborn fat deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise from specific areas such as the flanks or abdomen.
  • Tummy tuck: Abdominal surgery removing loose skin from the abdomen and repairing separated abdominal muscles.
  • Brazilian butt lift: Removing unwanted fat from trouble areas with liposuction and relocating it to the buttocks and hips.

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Mommy makeovers are certainly all about changing a woman’s outward appearance and getting her back to her pre baby shape. But these procedures can really do more than that. Patients who opt for this surgery report that once they have completed their mommy makeover recovery they have more confidence, more self-assurance, and improved overall comfort.

Interested in mommy makeover surgery but not sure where to start? The best place to gather information and decide if this procedure is right for you based on total cost and other factors is at a consultation appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon.

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Aric Aghayan has extensive experience and unique expertise performing mommy makeovers for patients in and around his Portland, OR practice.

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