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9 Most Important Breast Lift Questions

/ Dr. Aric Aghayan
Breast Lift Questions

Breast lift questions are some of the most common questions plastic surgeons hear on a daily basis. Are you considering breast lift surgery? It’s natural to have a lot of questions. Deciding if you should have this cosmetic procedure means you should carefully think many things over and then make an informed decision, after consulting with your plastic surgeon.

Below are some of the most important questions to ask before you have a breast lift.

What Does A Breast Lift Involve?

Over time, your breasts will change shape and firmness. This happens for many reasons, but the most common are age, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and weight changes. Sagging breasts are common, it is no surprise the breast lift is as popular as it is.

When your plastic surgeon removes extra skin in the breasts and makes the breast tissue tighter, the breast lift will raise your breasts and shape them to look younger. This procedure also can reduce the size of your areolas if they have gotten more prominent over the years.

Will The Breast Lift Change My Breast Size?

No. A breast lift will change the position and contour of the breasts, but not your cup size. But breasts could look smaller after the lift. If you want to make your breasts larger or fuller, you will need to have a breast augmentation, as well. Other women, unhappy with their sagging breasts, need a breast reduction as well as a breast lift. Usually, these procedures can be done at the same time. Plastic surgeons consult with their patients to help their patients understand which procedures are best for them.

Often women are concerned about asymmetry in their breasts and are curious if they can achieve a more symmetrical breast shape through a breast lift. Mild sagging can exacerbate asymmetry. A board certified plastic surgeon helps advise patients how to address these concerns with plastic surgery.

How is a Breast Lift Different Than a Breast Augmentation?

Breast lifts raise the breasts without changing the size of the breast tissue. Breast lifts give breasts a more youthful shape and appearance. A breast augmentation surgery changes the size of the breast. Instead of primarily being concerned with the position the breasts sit on the chest, a breast augmentation impacts size.

How Does The Surgeon Do Breast Lift Surgery?

Before your breast lift surgery starts, your surgeon will give you anesthesia. He will recommend the best anesthesia based on your body, usually general anesthesia or IV sedation.

The breast lift begins with an incision in the breast area. There are several incision patterns and methods your surgeon can use. Deciding which one is best for you depends on:

  • The breast shape and size of the breasts and areolas.
  • Skin quality and elasticity.
  • The amount of excess skin in your breasts.
  • How much is your breast sagging.

Many surgeons make the incision around the areola, but it may be necessary to make an incision from the areola to the breast crease. Then, he’ll make a horizontal incision through the breast crease.

After he makes the incision, the surgeon will lift and reshape the breast tissue and reposition the nipple and areola. Then, he’ll reduce the size of the areolas if needed and cut away extra skin. The skin is tightened, and the incisions are closed.

What Is The Breast Lift Consultation?

During the consultation, you will likely talk to your surgeon about your lifestyle and health, as well as your expectations of the surgery. Some of his questions could be personal, but it’s important to answer honestly. Common issues that come up during the consultation are:

  • Overview of your medical history
  • Any history of breast cancer in your family
  • If you take vitamins, supplements, or medications
  • Whether you smoke.
  • Significant weight loss you may have experienced
  • Family history

How Much Scarring Will I Have?

All breast lift procedures leave scars. The scars could be minor and almost invisible in the areola or more significant, on the breast or crease. Generally, doing breast lifts without doing incisions when needed will cause a poor result with the breast sagging.

The incisions are permanent, but breast lift scars vary by person and fade over a year or two. If you are worried about scars, talk to your surgeon about it.

How Long Will The Breast Lift Last?

Questions To Ask Before Breast Lift

This is one of the most common questions to ask before breast lift. You will see results immediately after surgery, but the final results take a few months to show as your swelling goes down. Your breast lift reshapes your breasts to give you a youthful and fresh look. You should have long-lasting effects, but your breasts will change over time because of age and gravity. To keep your youthful look as long as you can, be sure to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep your current weight.

If you think you will lose weight or have children, you may want to delay your surgery.

Can I Have A Breast Lift If I Want More Children?

As is the case with a breast augmentation, after a breast lift, you should also be able to get pregnant without complications. But it’s often a good idea to wait until you don’t want more children. Changes to the breasts and weight gain during pregnancy can affect the benefits of this procedure. But if you want to breastfeed, it could be more challenging after a breast lift.

What Will The Recovery Be Like?

After the surgery, your plastic surgeon will dress and bandage the incisions using surgical tape. As they heal, it’s vital to wear a supportive bra to keep everything lifted and reduce swelling.

Before the breast lift procedure, your surgeon will review your recovery instructions, including caring for the breasts during the healing process and the medications you may need. He will give you a detailed list of what kind of pain medication to take. He also will talk about when you can go back to work and start your other activities again.

It’s vital to stick to the breast lift recovery plan because success hinges on proper healing. If you don’t let your body heal and the incisions are stressed, it could affect your results and health.

What Are The Risks Of Breast Lift Surgery?

As with any breast surgery, whether it be a breast reduction or a breast augmentation, there are risks to breast lift surgery. A vital part of the decision is to weigh the benefits against the possible complications and risks. Some potential risks of a breast lift are:

  • Excessive scarring
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Persistent pain
  • Blood clots
  • Sagging
  • Partial or total loss of the areola or nipple
  • Irregular breast shape

While the above risks are rare, they’re possible. Make sure you talk to your surgeon about your most likely risks, based on your case. Also, anesthesia has different risks, so please discuss this matter with your surgeon, too.

Request a Breast Lift Consultation

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You won’t regret your decision!


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