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Breaking Down the Breast Lift Procedure

/ Dr. Aric Aghayan
Breast Lift Procedure

You peek in the mirror with your clothes off. Once again, you wince at those sagging breasts. The fact is, age, pregnancy, weight loss, and other factors can make the ‘girls’ go south. It’s frustrating, and sometimes it can damage your self-confidence.

But a breast lift can change everything! A breast lift is a safe cosmetic procedure that trims excess tissue and excess skin to create a youthful breast contour. This cosmetic procedure – also known as a mastopexy – can lift your drooping breasts back to their natural position, making you look younger and better than ever!

Interested? This guide covers the breast lift process and what’s involved.

Why Women Get Breast Lifts

There is no precise time when every woman should head off to the plastic surgeon and request a breast lift surgery. Every woman’s body is different and reacts to pregnancy and gravity in various ways. Some women find they need a breast reduction at some point, others a breast augmentation with breast implants and some others, a breast lift. There are specific life processes that drive many of us to get surgical help to lift sagging breasts to their proper position:


The aging process can stretch the skin around your breasts, making gravity do its thing. The weight of the breasts slowly pulls the skin down, moving the volume towards your toes. You’re left with that wrinkly, empty skin above that drives you crazy. It’s in this way that breasts can become flabby, misshapen, and droop.

Pregnancy and Nursing

Motherhood is excellent, but it can wreak havoc on your body, especially your chest. During pregnancy, most women gain volume in their breasts, which swell with milk. After childbirth, nursing makes them stretch and shrink several times. This affects the breast tissue and your skin elasticity.

Once you’re done having kids and have not breastfed for at least six months, you may be a good candidate for a breast lift. Note: If you get pregnant again after a breast lift surgery, you may need another one.

Major Weight Loss

Ever notice that the first place many women drop weight is in their chests? When a woman loses weight, the changes in the breasts can be severe. They can look saggy, limp, and shapeless. After you go through all that work to lose weight, the last thing in the world you want is to hide your body.

Some women seek out a breast augmentation at this time. Other women often opt for a breast lift after weight loss to make their breasts look great on their new, slimmer body.

When You Could Be A Good Breast Lift Candidate

If your body has any of the signs below, it’s smart to talk to your surgeon about a breast lift:

  • Nipples are low, hitting at or below the natural fold of the breast.
  • A lot of loose skin hangs on your breasts.
  • Breasts are not as firm as they once were.
  • The upper part of the breasts has lost volume.
  • Breasts have a pendulum-like appearance.
  • Most of the breast tissue has moved down.

Breast Lift Process

A breast lift surgery can be done with several types of incisions and methods. The right technique for you is determined by:

  • Your breast shape and size
  • Position and size of your areolas
  • How much your breasts are sagging
  • Elasticity and skin quality

The typical steps of a breast lift surgery are:


General anesthesia is given to you during the breast lift. You can have general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. Your plastic surgeon will choose the best option for you.


Three types of incisions can be done:

  • Around the areola
  • Around the areola and down from the areola to the crease of the breast
  • Around the areola, down the breast crease vertically, then horizontally

Reshaping The Breasts

After your plastic surgeon makes the incisions:

  • Breast tissue is lifted and reshaped to enhance your breast firmness and contour.
  • Areola and nipple are placed at a higher and more youthful height for a youthful breast contour.
  • If needed, large areolas are reduced by cutting skin around the perimeter.
  • Extra skin is taken out.

Closing Incisions

After the breasts are lifted and reshaped, the excess skin that is left is tightened, and your incisions are closed. Some of the incision lines are hidden by your breast contours, but sometimes they can be faintly visible on the breast surface.

Women usually want the smallest scar, but take heed of your plastic surgeon’s recommendation, based on what’s best for your anatomy.

What You Can Expect

Are you ready for your breast lift? We knew you’d be excited! But let’s go over the process first:

  • Consultation: Your plastic surgeon will talk to your about the goals you have for your breast lift. They also will look at the size of your breasts, shape, feel, and more to offer the best recommendation. She also will look at your body type, proportion, skin laxity, and fat tissue to provide her recommendations.
  • Procedure: The basic breast lift process is described above. Make sure to ask your plastic surgeon any questions about breast lift.
  • Aftermath: After the surgical procedure, bandages and dressings will be placed on your incisions. You’ll need a support bra as they heal. They will give you pain pills to last a few days.
  • Recovery: Breast lift recovery is in phases. Your results will be visible right away. The swelling will go away in a few weeks, and breast lift scars will fade after a few months.

Request a Breast Lift Consultation

Breast Lift Process

Do you imagine how your figure would look with spectacular, lifted breasts? How would you look in your favorite outfits and the bedroom? It can happen soon! Dr. Aric Aghayan Is proud to serve Portland area patients at his practice, Après Plastic Surgery.

He will consult with you for your Portland breast lift consultation today. He’ll go over the options, your goals, and more to determine if you’re an ideal candidate for a breast lift surgery.



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