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How Long does Liposuction Take?

/ Dr. Aric Aghayan
How long does liposuction take

While each patient’s liposuction time from will vary, overall, liposuction is a relatively quick and straightforward procedure. Ahead, we’ll take a look at the typical duration of liposuction. But before we kick off, what is liposuction and how does it work?

What Is the Liposuction procedure?

Liposuction procedure is a cosmetic procedure that uses small incisions and a thin metal tube called a cannula to suction out stubborn fat from particular body areas. Liposuction procedure is most commonly used on places like the stomach, flanks, hips, upper arms, and buttocks. This liposuction procedure is particularly useful for excess body fat — or fat that is resistant to diet and exercise.

In order to be a good candidate for liposuction, patients should be in good overall physical health and have good skin elasticity and firmness. Remember that liposuction procedure is not a weight loss procedure. It simply removes stubborn fat and improves your overall body contours. So how much fat that can removed is dependent on your fat cells amount.

How Long does Liposuction Take?

The overall duration of liposuction surgery varies depending on the specific area being treated. For instance, liposuction surgery targeting smaller regions like the chin or neck may require as little as 30 minutes, whereas liposuction surgery performed on larger areas like the buttocks or abdomen may last approximately 60 minutes.

What to Expect after Liposuction

Before being discharged to go home after liposuction surgery, most patients will be closely monitored for several hours by our staff at the surgical facility. At the end of this period, be sure to have someone you trust there so that they can take you home when you are free to go.

In rare circumstances, especially when a large amount of fat is being removed via liposuction, select patients will need to stay overnight for one night at the surgical facility.

Days 1 – 3

Some swelling and discomfort will be present right away after surgery. Depending on the circumstances, more intense pain can usually be managed with pain medications. But overall, pain should not be severe. Most discomfort should not last longer than three days.

Be sure to consistently wear your compression garments throughout the first three days of after liposuction surgery. This will help with swelling and will ensure that your beautiful new contours stay in place.

Week 1

Swelling will continue into week one and beyond. The garment you were initially put into will need to continue to be worn. At this point, it will also still be important to refrain from physical exercise and exertion. Getting help at home — especially if you have small children — is recommended.

Weeks 2-4

You should notice a significant reduction in discomfort and soreness at this point. Usually, around the two-week mark, most patients are able to go back to work or school.

Dr. Aghayah would like you to continue wearing your compression garments for a full four weeks after surgery, however. You can easily conceal your compression garment beneath your clothing.

Weeks 4-6 and Beyond

Pain and soreness should be nearly all gone at this point, but you will continue to notice swelling, and this may go on for several more months. Each day, swelling should get better.

Always check with Dr. Aghayan to know when you can return to activities such as lifting heavy objects, exercising, and doing other physically taxing activities.

After the four-week mark, you’ll be able to take off your compression garment in most cases. Finally, you will be able to see your true results after approximately three months of liposuction recovery.

Tips for Speeding Up Lipo Procedure recovery

  1. Eat regularly scheduled healthy meals.

For those in the throes of liposuction recovery, it may be tempting to snack all day or order takeout because it can be difficult to cook healthy meals at home. However, do your best doom a consistently nutritious diet. This will greatly help with your recovery as it will provide your body with the nutrients it needs to snap back after surgery.

  1. Don’t push yourself too hard.

Don’t start moving and exercising right away after your surgery. You need to give your body time to rest and heal.

This means you’ll likely want to ask for some help at home with chores, meal prep, child care, and other tasks. Patients who ask for and receive help from family and friends tend to fare far better during their liposuction recovery.

  1. Start moving as soon as Dr. Aghayan gives you the go-ahead.

While you certainly don’t want to exert yourself too much, you should start moving around whenever Dr. Aghayan says it’s okay to do so. Regularly moving your body in a slow and gentle way will help promote better circulation. This, in turn, will reduce swelling and improve your body’s natural ability to heal.

  1. Don’t allow yourself to get dehydrated.

In tandem with a healthy diet, you should also up your water intake during liposuction recovery. While it may seem counterintuitive, drinking more water will actually help to reduce fluid accumulation in your body, which will, in turn, reduce swelling.

Most professionals recommend that patients aim for 80 to 100 ounces of water (or other non-caffeinated fluids) every day. Try not to drink too much coffee and other caffeinated drinks like tea and soda. You should also refrain from alcohol for at least the first few weeks after surgery.

  1. Don’t smoke.

Smoking is a bad habit in any situation, but if you are a regular smoker, you must refrain from smoking for several weeks after your liposuction.

During liposuction recovery, smoking will not only put your body at risk, but it will delay your body’s ability to heal properly. This may end up negatively impacting your health and your liposuction results as well.

Questions and Answers about Ultrasound assisted liposuction

How long does it take for liposuction to go away?

How long is liposuction recovery

As the swelling and bruising subside, you will notice gradual improvements in your results, and you should gradually resume light activities like walking around your neighborhood and engaging in gentle exercises.

By the six-week mark, your liposuction recovery should be complete, allowing you to return to your normal activity levels.

How painful is it after liposuction?

In the initial days of your recovery, you can anticipate experiencing moderate pain and soreness. To help alleviate this discomfort, your surgeon will have provided you with pain medication, so it’s important to adhere to the prescribed medication schedule. It is advisable to restrict your activity levels during this period as well.

How many sizes do you lose with liposuction?

Whether you are troubled by excess fat in your abdomen, love handles, hips, or thighs, liposuction can assist you in achieving a more streamlined silhouette and improving the fit of your clothing.

The outcome of liposuction is influenced by your individual circumstances and how the excess fat is distributed, and in some cases, it may even result in a reduction of 1 to 2 dress sizes!

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