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Top Tips for Mommy Makeover Before and After

/ Dr. Aric Aghayan
Mommy Makeover Before And After

If you’ve ever seen mommy makeover before and after pictures, you know what spectacular results this procedure can achieve. Whether you opt for a breast lift, breast implants, a tummy tuck, liposuction, a fat transfer, or a combination of everything, a mommy makeover can completely transform your body.

Still, achieving these amazing results can only occur when both surgeon and patient are on the same page for the recovery protocol. Having a strong recovery plan in place before you even undergo surgery is critical to achieving the mommy makeover results you are after.

In the following article, we’ll present the most important tips to know before embarking on your mommy makeover journey. Study this list — and most importantly, study the recovery instructions provided by Dr. Aghayan — so that you can be fully prepared once you arrive at your surgery date!

Before and After Mommy Makeover Surgery: 15 Tips

1. Schedule adequate time off work and away from daily responsibilities to ensure a smooth mommy makeover recovery.

2. Arrange support from friends or family members who can assist with childcare, household tasks, and transportation during the initial recovery phase.

3. Prepare a comfortable and well-equipped recovery area in your home with necessities like pillows, blankets, and entertainment.

4. Strictly adhere to your surgeon’s preoperative instructions, including dietary restrictions and changes in medications, if necessary.

5. Begin increasing your water intake in the days leading up to surgery to support healing.

6. Discuss scar care options with your surgeon, and have appropriate products on-hand for post-surgery scar management.

7. Prior to your surgery, purchase essential items such as loose-fitting clothing, compression garments, and any recommended medications.

8. Quit smoking well in advance of surgery and abstain from alcohol, as these can negatively impact the healing process.

9. Have a realistic understanding of the expected recovery timeline. This can help you manage expectations.

10. Ensure you have a reliable transportation plan for the day of surgery and any follow-up appointments.

11. Prepare and freeze meals in advance, so you have easy and nutritious options during your initial recovery when cooking may be challenging.

12. Confirm the schedule for postoperative appointments with your surgeon and make necessary arrangements.

13. Seek emotional support from loved ones, as the recovery process can be emotionally and mentally taxing.

14. Arrange for childcare and pet care assistance if you have young children or pets. This can help minimize physical exertion during recovery.

15. Cultivate patience and prioritize self-care during recovery. Allow your body the time it needs to heal fully.

Why Get a Mommy Makeover?

Mommy Makeover Before And After Pictures

Most women who’ve gone through pregnancy and childbirth at least once have some negative physical effects after the fact. Naturally, carrying a baby and going through childbirth are amazing experiences.

Still, moms are individuals too! And like everyone, they want to feel confident and proud of the way they look.

Sagging breasts, loss of breast volume, loose abdominal skin, a disproportionate distribution of fat, and other physical changes are often the result of single or multiple pregnancies. Because of these changes, many women decide that they want to go back to how their body looked before they had children.

To achieve this, liposuction can help reduce excess baby weight, a breast augmentation can rejuvenate breast volume, a breast lift can raise the breasts and make them perkier, a tummy tuck can get rid of excess skin on the abdomen and elsewhere, and additional procedures can be added to help in other areas such as the midsection, chest, hips, buttocks, arms, etc.

Q&A: Mommy Makeovers

How painful is a mommy makeover?

Plastic surgery has come a long way in terms of pain right after surgery and during the recovery process. Your surgeon will take essential steps to help mitigate pain and discomfort as you heal from your mommy makeover procedure.

Most patients are able to recover within a two to three week period. After that, only residual swelling and other mild symptoms may persist, and these will diminish as time goes on.

How much does a mommy makeover cost?

Once you’ve gone over the top tips for your mommy makeover before and after cost may become a main concern. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to estimate the cost of a mommy makeover because each mommy makeover contains multiple procedures.

Each patient is going to have a different combination of procedures based on their goals. For this reason, we recommend booking a consultation appointment so that you can get an accurate cost estimate based on your personal needs and goals.

How do you know if mommy makeover before and after pics are real?

While it is important to exercise caution when reviewing mommy makeover before and after photos, most board-certified plastic surgeons are going to put real photos on their websites.

Still, be sure that the surgeon you are considering is board-certified, has actual reviews from real patients, and is presenting photographs that appear untouched. The lighting and positioning should look natural, and it’s best to see multiple angles for each patient.

Who can get a mommy makeover?

While mommy makeovers are traditionally aimed at women who’ve had children and are done having children, it’s actually a male female procedure. Men and women — whether they have children or not — can also get mommy makeovers. Basically, it’s undergoing multiple procedures at once.

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Before And After Mommy Makeover

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