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Medical Weight Loss at Après Plastic Surgery

Obesity remains an urgent health issue in the United States, with over 60 percent of American adults affected. The associated health risks, including type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, sleep apnea, and cancer, underscore the importance of effective weight management.

At Après Plastic Surgery, we're committed to addressing this challenge head-on. Led by our expert team, including Dr. Aghayan, we offer solutions like Tirzepatide or Semaglutide, RF Microneedling, EmSculpt, and more to help you reach your weight loss goals. We aim to empower patients to shed excess weight safely, reclaiming their health and vitality.

Medical Weight Loss Portland

Transform Your Body with Our Comprehensive Approach

Our Portland Medical Weight Loss Program

At Après Plastic Surgery, we offer a holistic approach to medical weight loss and body transformation, designed to provide personalized support and guidance every step of the way. The program combines advanced technologies with expert medical care to empower individuals on their weight loss journey. Our specialized treatments and personalized plans are designed to help you achieve your goals and feel confident in your own skin.

Medical Weight Loss Portland

Key Program Features

  • Initial Consultation: Patients meet with our experienced team for a full health history review to ensure suitability for the program. This includes a thorough assessment by Kristy Aghayan, PA-C, or Dr. Aric Aghayan.
  • Body Assessments: Patients undergo comprehensive body assessments, including the PNOĒ assessment and InBody scan, to gather vital data on body composition and metabolic health.
  • Potent Weight Loss Medication: We offer Tirzepatide and Semaglutide, a potent class of medication that has been proven to help patients make strides in reaching their weight loss goals.
  • Ongoing Support: Throughout the program, patients receive regular check-ins and follow-up appointments to monitor progress and provide support. This includes virtual check-ins and regular InBody scans.
  • Optional Add-Ons: Patients have the option to receive personalized reports of their PNOĒ assessment and one-on-one sessions with a nutritionist for customized food plans based on their results.
  • Comprehensive Services: We offer customized plans for EmSculpt, RF Microneedling, Sculptra, and Fillers to address muscle loss, skin laxity, and volume loss during the weight loss journey.

Our Goal

Our program aims to provide comprehensive support as individuals embark on their medical weight loss journey with weight loss injections, addressing not only weight management but also muscle loss, skin laxity, and volume loss. Through personalized care and advanced technologies, we empower individuals to achieve lasting results and improved overall health and well-being.

Our Weight Loss Program Services


Our Tirzepatide shot is a revolutionary weight loss injection that helps suppress appetite and promote fat burning, leading to significant and sustainable weight loss results. This injectable medication combines innovative technology with personalized care to target key metabolic pathways in weight regulation. Tirzepatide helps control blood sugar levels by stimulating insulin release and suppressing glucagon production, a hormone that raises blood sugar levels. By acting on receptors in the brain that regulate hunger and satiety, Tirzepatide helps reduce appetite and cravings, making it easier to adhere to a calorie-controlled diet. Through its effects on blood sugar regulation and appetite control, Tirzepatide can lead to significant weight loss over time.

Tirzepatide offers several advantages to enhance your well-being and weight loss journey:

  • Tirzepatide leads to significant and rapid weight loss, promoting a healthier body weight and reducing obesity-related health risks.
  • By regulating blood sugar levels, Tirzepatide helps control diabetes and reduces the need for insulin or other medications.
  • Tirzepatide reduces hunger and cravings, making sticking to a balanced diet easier.
  • Tirzepatide enhances metabolic parameters like insulin sensitivity and lipid levels, contributing to overall health.
  • Tirzepatide can boost your energy levels and fitness with weight loss and improved health.
  • Successful weight loss with Tirzepatide can boost self-esteem and confidence, enabling a more active lifestyle.
  • Tirzepatide is a non-invasive option that requires no surgery and minimal downtime.
  • Tirzepatide can be combined with other interventions like diet and exercise for comprehensive weight loss support.

These are just some of the reasons why Tirzepatide stands as one of the best treatments for helping patients achieve significant weight loss.

Additional Reading

Tirzepatide weight loss injections can help people lose weight and see noticeable results quickly. However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, such as eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly, is essential to keep the weight off long-term. Avoiding unhealthy habits like eating too many calories or not moving enough is also important. Our medical team will provide detailed instructions on how to take care of yourself after treatment, and we'll schedule regular follow-up appointments to check on your progress and provide support. With commitment to a healthy lifestyle and follow-up care, you can expect to enjoy long-lasting results and an improved quality of life after Tirzepatide treatment.

Determining if Tirzepatide is the right choice for you involves considering various factors. If you struggle with obesity or difficulty losing weight through traditional methods, have challenges managing blood sugar levels, or experience persistent hunger and cravings, Tirzepatide may offer a solution. However, age, allergies to Tirzepatide components, and other underlying health conditions may affect eligibility. Our team at Après Plastic Surgery prioritizes patient safety and will assess your circumstances to determine if Tirzepatide suits you. Reach out to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward achieving your weight loss goals.

The Tirzepatide process at Après Plastic Surgery is designed to be comprehensive and personalized, ensuring that each patient receives the care and support they need to successfully achieve their weight loss goals. Upon consultation and eligibility assessment, patients will receive personalized treatment plans tailored to their needs and health goals. The treatment typically involves regular Tirzepatide injections, administered under our medical team's guidance. Throughout the process, patients will have follow-up appointments to monitor progress, make any necessary adjustments to the dosage and treatment plan, and provide ongoing support and advice. The Tirzepatide process is designed to be safe, effective, and empowering, helping patients to take control of their health and achieve meaningful weight loss outcomes.


In addition to Tirzepatide, we also offer Semaglutide, another effective medication for weight loss.

Semaglutide weight loss injections works by mimicking a natural hormone that increases feelings of fullness and satisfaction, leading to reduced calorie intake. While studies suggest Tirzepatide may produce slightly greater weight loss, Semaglutide can be a suitable alternative for some patients. During a consultation, we can discuss your medical history and weight loss goals to determine which medication would be most beneficial for you.

Medical Weight Loss Portland

RF Microneedling

Say goodbye to sagging skin with our RF Microneedling treatment. This advanced technology stimulates collagen production, resulting in tighter, firmer skin.

This minimally invasive procedure combines microneedling with radiofrequency energy to stimulate collagen production, resulting in tighter, firmer, and more youthful-looking skin. RF Microneedling effectively addresses a variety of concerns:

  • Uneven Skin Texture and Enlarged Pores: The treatment refines the skin's surface, minimizing the appearance of pores and smoothing rough patches.
  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles: By boosting collagen, RF Microneedling plumps the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improving overall skin smoothness.
  • Skin Laxity: The increased collagen production leads to firmer, tighter skin with more youthful elasticity.
  • Scars and Stretch Marks: RF Microneedling can improve the appearance of acne scars and stretch marks by promoting collagen regeneration in the affected areas.

While commonly used on the face, neck, and chest, RF Microneedling can be performed on almost any area of the body to address concerns about laxity, wrinkles, or scars. This makes it an important tool in your weight loss journey, helping your skin remain healthy, tight, and firm.

EmSculpt for Muscle Toning

EmSculpt is the ultimate solution for muscle toning and sculpting. Using high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology, it induces powerful muscle contractions, leading to improved muscle tone and definition.

EmSculpt can be a powerful tool to add to your weight loss program, helping you achieve a more sculpted, toned physique. This FDA-cleared, non-invasive treatment utilizes high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to induce supramaximal muscle contractions. These contractions are much stronger than anything achievable through traditional exercise alone, leading to increased muscle growth and improved muscle tone.

EmSculpt doesn't just build muscle; it also helps eliminate fat cells. The intense muscle contractions triggered by HIFEM technology create a metabolic stress response in the targeted area. This response breaks down fat cells, leading to a reduction in circumference and visible sculpting. EmSculpt helps you achieve toned, defined muscles, giving your physique a more sculpted appearance.

PNOĒ for Metabolic Assessment

Patients have the option to receive personalized metabolic assessments using the PNOE Device. This can also include a personalized nutrition and exercise plan. Gain valuable insights into your metabolism with our PNOĒ metabolic assessment. This comprehensive analysis helps us tailor a personalized nutrition and exercise plan to optimize your weight loss journey. In the pursuit of optimal health and fitness, understanding your body's unique needs and capabilities is paramount. Enter PNOĒ Body Assessment, a revolutionary tool that goes beyond traditional fitness assessments to provide comprehensive insights into your respiratory and metabolic health.

At Après Plastic Surgery, we harness the power of PNOĒ Breath Analysis to optimize treatment plans for Tirzepatide or Semaglutide patients. This cutting-edge technology measures various parameters, including oxygen consumption, carbon dioxide production, and respiratory exchange ratio, to assess metabolic efficiency and energy expenditure. By analyzing breath samples, PNOĒ helps our medical team understand each patient's unique metabolic profile, allowing personalized treatment recommendations and adjustments.

Additionally, PNOĒ Breath Analysis can track progress throughout the medical weight loss treatment process, ensuring optimal results and outcomes. This non-invasive and convenient technology enhances the precision and effectiveness of the treatment, ultimately supporting patients in achieving their weight loss goals with confidence.

Medical Weight Loss Portland

InBody Scan for Muscle Mass and Body Fat

Track your progress accurately with our InBody scan. This state-of-the-art body composition analysis measures muscle mass, body fat percentage, and other key metrics, allowing us to monitor your transformation effectively.

Leveraging advanced technologies in the pursuit of optimal health is essential. In-body scanners have emerged as revolutionary tools that unlock profound insights into our physical well-being. These scanners use bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) to delve deep into body composition, going beyond conventional weight measurement methods. By precisely quantifying parameters such as body fat percentage, muscle mass, and hydration levels, individuals can customize their fitness routines with unprecedented precision. This holistic approach not only aids weight management but also enhances athletic performance and facilitates progress monitoring during weight loss efforts.

Body scanners can provide valuable insights into metabolic rate, which is crucial for understanding calorie needs and making informed dietary choices. These devices can reveal hydration levels, which are vital for supporting optimal bodily functions. Armed with this comprehensive data, individuals can optimize their lifestyles and make informed decisions when embarking on their health journeys. From adjusting exercise routines to refining nutritional strategies, in-body scanners give people the power to take control of their overall health and well-being. As these technologies continue to evolve, their potential to revolutionize health outcomes worldwide continues to expand, promising a brighter future for wellness enthusiasts everywhere.

Medical Weight Loss Portland

Sculptra and Filler for Volume Loss

When experiencing significant weight loss, excessive facial fat loss can sometimes bring about loss of facial fat, leaving the skin on the face sagging and looking older. This can happen in other areas of the body as well. With Sculptra and our dermal filler treatments, you can restore lost volume and rejuvenate your appearance. Whether you're dealing with facial volume loss or want to enhance specific features, our skilled providers can help you achieve natural-looking results.

Medical Weight Loss Portland

Meet Kristy Aghayan

As a dedicated native Oregonian, Kristy Aghayan brings a wealth of experience and passion to our medical weight loss program. Graduating with honors from Oregon State University, Kristy's journey in healthcare began as a registered dietitian at OHSU, where she honed her skills in nutrition and wellness over nine fulfilling years. Driven by a desire to expand her impact, Kristy transitioned to become a Physician Assistant, a role she has embraced for the past twelve years with unwavering commitment and expertise.

Her dual expertise in dietetics and clinical practice provides a unique perspective that resonates deeply with our program's holistic approach to weight management. Beyond her professional pursuits, Kristy finds fulfillment in her personal life. She's happily married to the love of her life and shares her joy with two energetic boys and a fluffy Bernese Mountain dog named Boris. Together, they form an active family unit that thrives on outdoor adventures, whether it's skiing down the slopes, hiking picturesque trails, or cozying up under the stars during camping escapades.

Kristy's zest for life extends to culinary explorations, often found indulging in Portland's vibrant restaurant scene. With favorites like G-Love and La Pigeon topping her list, she also revels in discovering new wineries, savoring the rich tapestry of flavors the Pacific Northwest has to offer. With Kristy's guidance and support, our medical weight loss program is not just about shedding pounds; it's about embracing a healthier lifestyle tailored to each individual's unique needs and aspirations. Join Kristy on this transformative journey towards better health and vitality.

Medical Weight Loss Portland

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Don't wait any longer—schedule your consultation with Après Plastic Surgery today and start your journey to transformative weight loss with Tirzepatide and our comprehensive medical weight loss program. Contact us at (503) 212-9411 or click here to schedule your consultation and learn more about how Tirzepatide can help you achieve your weight loss goals. Our team is here to support you every step of the way. Take charge of your health and schedule your consultation today.

TirzepatideFrequently Asked Questions

Does Tirzepatide really work?

Tirzepatide is effective in promoting significant weight loss in individuals struggling with obesity or who are overweight. Clinical studies have demonstrated its efficacy in reducing body weight and improving metabolic health.

Is Tirzepatide safe? What are the risks?

Tirzepatide is generally safe when used as directed under the supervision of a healthcare professional. However, like any medication, it may have risks and potential side effects. Common side effects may include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and hypoglycemia. It's important to discuss any concerns or medical conditions with your healthcare provider before starting Tirzepatide treatment.

Is Tirzepatide a long-term solution for weight loss?

Tirzepatide can be an effective tool for achieving significant weight loss, but it's essential to adopt healthy lifestyle habits to maintain results in the long term. Continued adherence to a balanced diet, regular exercise, and ongoing medical supervision are key to sustaining weight loss outcomes over time.

Are there any effective over-the-counter alternatives to Tirzepatide out there?

While over-the-counter supplements may be marketed for weight loss, their effectiveness and safety may vary. It's crucial to consult with a healthcare professional before using any over-the-counter products.

How much does Tirzepatide cost?

The cost of Tirzepatide treatment may vary depending on factors such as dosage, frequency of injections, and insurance coverage. You should check with your healthcare provider or insurance company to determine the cost of Tirzepatide and any potential coverage options available.

Patient Testimonials

“I am already wearing clothes that were too tight…”

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“Dr. Aghayan has been excellent to work with. He is always professional and available if I have any questions or concerns. Six weeks out, and I am already wearing clothes that were too tight to wear. I feel more confident and can’t wait to see the final results. I would recommend him to anyone looking to make changes in their appearance. Thank you very much!”
— Gerry, Weight Loss Patient, Portland Area.

“From the initial consultation with Dr. Aric and Samantha, I knew immediately that I had found my dream team! I felt heard, safe, and comfortable. Exactly what I was looking for. Dr. Aric provided excellent information and clear expectations, fantastic care along the way, personal guidance, and a warm presence. The quality of care was above and beyond my expectations.”
— Madaliene, Surgery Patient, Portland Area.

“I would first like to start by saying my quality of care has been magnificent! It has been the best experience, and now that I am four months post-op, I can honestly say I would do it again. I had a tummy tuck and liposuction. The first couple of weeks are no joke, and I am a pretty tough woman. It was a lot, and you will need help. My results have exceeded my expectations. The most shocking result to me is my back. So thankful I did exactly what Dr. Aghayan recommended.”
— Christine, Tummy Tuck and Liposuction Patient, Portland Area

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Enjoy the pinnacle of cosmetic surgery expertise with board-certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Aric Aghayan at Après Plastic Surgery. With a legacy of over 1600 successful body contouring procedures, Dr. Aghayan stands as the foremost specialist in advanced body contouring technology and treatment options. Take the next big step on your beauty journey by scheduling a comprehensive plastic surgery consultation with Dr. Aghayan today.

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