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How to Plan for Chin Liposuction Recovery

/ Dr. Aric Aghayan

A main concern for patients who want to get rid of their double chins is what the recovery period after chin liposuction will be like.

Frequently, patients have long lists of questions related to how difficult and long their recoveries might be:

  • How painful is chin lipo?
  • How long is chin swollen after lipo?
  • When can you return to work or school?
  • How long do you have to wear compression garments after chin liposuction?

In fact, having questions like these is excellent. As surgeons, we want to know that our patients are taking their health and recovery from surgery seriously. So, the more questions you have, the better. 

We do, however, often get the same questions asked over and over again. So, below, we’ve compiled a short list of the most commonly asked concerns. Here, you’ll find a wealth of information about what to expect after chin liposuction, including how to plan at home for the most comfortable healing and recuperation period.

Planning for Your Chin Liposuction Recovery

What is the first day of chin lipo recovery like?

Directly after your chin lipo surgery (also known as submental liposuction), you will experience some mild soreness, swelling, and bruising. The first 1 to 2 days after surgery may be the most difficult as you’ll likely experience the most pain. Pain, however, should be mild and can be managed by a prescription pain medication when necessary.

What is chin liposuction after 1 week like?

Most patients will be cleared to return to work or school 1 week after submental lipo. Soreness and discomfort should not be issues by this point. However, you will still have some swelling. Many patients will need to continue wearing their compression garments at least part-time as well.

What happens at 3 weeks after chin lipo?

After three weeks of recovery, most patients feel good, are back at school or work, and are looking forward to seeing continued results. While swelling may still be present, it should be going down day by day. For some patients, it can take several months for all swelling to disappear. 

How Long After Chin Lipo Do You See Results?

Right after your surgery, you may be able to see a difference in your neckline. However, you will also have bandages and a compression garment on, so it might be hard to see. 

Over the next few weeks, swelling may disguise your chin improvements even further. However, after approximately 2 to 3 months, most of your full results should be visible.

How Long Do the Results of Chin Lipo Last?

chin liposuction recovery

Ultimately, you should experience permanent results from this procedure. Liposuction, in general, removes fat permanently. It cannot grow back. However, it’s important to note that if you do gain weight overall, you may experience some concentrated weight gain around your chin and neck area because there will still be some remaining fat cells there.

In addition, it’s important to remember that we can’t stop the progression of time. Aging and gravity will slowly cause skin along your chin line and neck to droop and sag, and this can sometimes form the appearance of a double chin. Fortunately, there are also neck lift surgeries that can reduce loose skin on the neck if this is something that troubles you.

Will I Have Scars?

Yes, submental liposuction does produce scars. We can’t avoid this. Generally speaking, small incisions will be made behind each ear lobe and beneath the chin. These incisions will typically be just a few millimeters in length and will be barely noticeable after they’ve healed.

Likewise, there are ways to reduce the appearance of your scars even further. Silicone gels and sheets have been proven very effective at reducing the appearance of scars over time. However, you must be consistent with the application.

It’s also important to wear your compression garments as directed by your surgeon. These will help the skin tighten up after surgery and will help your scars lay flat. We recommend self massage post-surgery as well. You can talk to Dr. Aghayan about this as your recovery advances.

What Are the Risks of Surgery?

As with all invasive surgeries, there are some risks with submental liposuction. Rarely, patients may experience:

  • The accumulation of excess fluid
  • Bleeding
  • New and ongoing bruising
  • Infections of the skin
  • Damage to nerves
  • New skin infections
  • Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

Fortunately for patients of chin liposuction bad results are rare. Generally speaking, if a patient ends up with poor results after recovery, it means they didn’t spend enough time locating a surgeon who has mastered the art of facial liposuction

What’s the Best Way to Plan for Chin Lipo Recovery?

Here are several things to consider as you prepare for your submental liposuction recovery:

Time off from work or school

All patients must block off at least one week for their recovery. As soon as you know your surgery date, make sure you make the necessary arrangements with your employer or school. The sooner, the better.


Patients are generally not diet restricted after this procedure, which means they can eat anything they want. With that said, we recommend avoiding any foods containing high amounts of salt. Foods that are high in sodium can exacerbate swelling and overall discomfort. 

You should also avoid spicy foods for at least the first few weeks of your recovery.


For the first few weeks after your surgery, you should plan to sleep on your back with your head slightly elevated. A wedge pillow or several stacked regular pillows can be used to elevate your upper body. Some patients may choose to sleep in a recliner during this time.

Wearing your chin garments

Chin garments must be worn consistently after your procedure to ensure optimal results. Most surgeons will ask that their patients wear a compression garment for at least 23 hours a day over the first few weeks of their recovery period.

Rest vs. physical activity

Despite this surgery being minimally invasive, patients must refrain from physical activity and get adequate rest during the healing period. Plan on avoiding exercise and not lifting anything heavy for at least several weeks.

Things to do

While you are preparing for your recovery, come up with a list of activities you may enjoy. Keep in mind that talking a lot won’t be very comfortable as you’ll be wearing a compression garment. So, at first, movies, podcasts, reading, and simple arts and crafts may be better options than long chats with friends. 

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